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Mix 8 - How to change the mix

I seem to remember that one can change the selection of channels of the Mix 8 package and not only that but this is also something one can do online by themselves. Am I right and if so how does it work?


  • Hi Dennis!

    Yes, that is correct. The channels can be changed in the self service online at (in Finnish). If you have a w-username, you can use that to log in, or you can set up a user account with netbank codes by clicking "Miten saan tunnukset? Unohtuiko salasana?" and "Jatka" to the right.

    Once you are logged in, the default TV service page shows a list of your current channels. To mix them up, please click "Vaihda kanavat". The channels can be switched out once a month free of charge. If you run into any problems, you can also contact us at 044 144 044 or and we can change the channels for you.

  • Thank you for the detailed answer Emma.

    One more question though. You write: "The channels can be switched out once a month free of charge." Does that mean I could switch a channel today for September and than maybe two in October? Or are there deadlines? And how fast does this channel switch/activation work?

  • It's one time per calendar month, so it does not matter per se how many channels you then switch out; you can exchange all of them at once, or just one.

    The change takes effect immediately, but it always takes some time before the TV picks up the updated rights, so just leave the TV on and the new channels should become available shortly (within 24 hours max).

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