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Nelonen channels missing

Hi, I subscribed to Nelonen Extra Paketti to watch SM-Liiga but I can't seem to find Nelonen Pro 1 HD or Nelonen Pro 2 HD. I can see Nelonen Pro 1 (normal) and Pro 2 on channels 450 and 451 and I can also see Pro 3 HD through Pro 8 HD on channels 245 through 250. I believe Pro 1 HD and Pro 2 HD should be on 243 and 244 but they're not there. I have re-tuned my TV (full scan) but still nothing. Any suggestions please?


  • Hi Ross!

    Do you mean that those channels are not found at all when you search for channels, or that you just can't see them? If the latter, do you get some sort of error message (e.g. no access)?

    Generally, these kinds of problems tend to be because of the antenna cable. The channels are aired on different frequencies in packages (for instance, Pro 1 HD and Pro 2 HD in one, the other Pro HD channels in another), and a faulty cable might let some, but not all, frequencies through. A long cable also weakens the signal (we recommend a cable less than 4 meters long, and not extended). To begin with, you can try just detaching both ends for a while, and if that doesn't help, I would try with a different cable.

  • Hi, both - channels are not shown in the listings and when I try to select the channel by entering the number it says 'selected channel is not available'. Thanks for the suggestion, I will reconnect the cable and try again. Cable is 3m long. I'll try with a shorter cable too, but might have to do some re-positioning in the living room!

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