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Network stability issues, high latency

As you can see in the screenshot, the latency is extremely high.
This leads to network instability, and get's me kicked out from websites and company VPN. 

Are there currently any network issues on your side, or maintenances?
I would like to receive the connection reliability and speeds I am paying DNA for!


  • same issue for over a week now
  • Checked with DNA support. They made me restart the router (not much change) and also reset it, which failed. I was also recommended to use a cable, even when I’m within a meter from the router.
    Unfortunately there is not much I can do, I am very close to a DNA antenna and wifi in the house works flakey.
    DNA hub downstairs also has issues (another topic). In that context I was recommended to put a cable to that one as well, over 10 m.
    Sorry but that’s not why I have wifi.
    If it should be solved by using cables I will look for a solution that brings internet into the house per cable as well (glass fiber)
  • Hi!

    Sorry to hear about these issues you're experiencing with your connections.

    The reason you were asked to check with the wired connection is to see how the connection works with a cable because then it's possible to see the difference between a wired connection and wireless. Any issues with your wireless connection have to do with your router and nothing to do with the actual connection, other than for speed. Now, in order to check whether the speed is the issue with your wireless connection, the test with the wired connection is done. If the speed is fine with the wired connection, the issue is not the internet connection but your router. Generally all that you're asked to do or try have to do with troubleshooting and finding the root cause to the issues you're having with your connection.

    If the wired connection works fine but wireless does not and you want to only keep using the wireless connection, then there is no more we can do from here as the issue is with your router. But if the wired connection has the same issues as the wireless connection, the issue must the with the whole device (restart and reset are recommended) or the actual connection. If it's a mobile connection (3G, 4G or 5G) you can test the SIM-card in another device that supports a SIM-card. If the connection works fine in another device, or you have another DNA SIM-card already in another device (for example phone number) which works fine, the issue is with the router but if the SIM-card does not work fine in another device and the problem persist or a possible other SIM-card (for example phone number) also has the same issue, then the problem is with the actual connection.

    Now if we say the problem was the connection itself, the first thing we would do is to check the tower you're using and the towers near you, for any problems or reported connection issues. Because of the storms there have been quite a few issues with quite a few towers as of late, none of the problems lasted very long but unfortunately due to the weather conditions, mobile connections can experience some issues and this happens every year with the storms. But if there has been no storms or they have long since passed and the issue continues, there might be something else wrong here.

    If you could kindly give us a call at 044 144 044 so that we can take a closer look at your address and how the actual connection has worked between your device and the tower. I'm not sure if this was already checked when you previously contacted DNA support as if it was, there would have been some type of solution to this situation.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Hello, I already called DNA customer service about this. There have been no reported disturbances or maintenance on the nearest antenna tower.
    There is also no issue I could find with the router. I will however backup the customizations I made and try to reset it.

    The issue is that the latency on DNA network shows severe spikes to unacceptably slow latencies. A simple ping test with over a hundred samples shows that latency dropped on certain days so that about 40% of the time DNA network was slow.
  • Hi Saara, my problem is with very inconsistent speeds which leads to ping spikes. Currently paying for LTE Dataprepaid package 300 Mbit/s but download speeds have been about 20-40 so ping has been very unstable with any sort of streaming.
    I'm using a wired connection to my PC so it's not a wireless issue.

    I understand about the storm issue but it's been a long time since then. I am located in Pori. I have restarted the router many times, not sure what you mean about resetting? It's been very dissapointing, this has lasted for about a week and the only time the speeds are strong is a couple hours in the morning.

    Any help from DNA support would be appreciated.
  • Hi!

    A device reset is always good to do when troubleshooting an issue. This should get rid of any possible jams in the device. When resetting your device, all set changes such as wireless network name and password will also be reset to default and you will need to change them again after, if you want them to be something other than default. You can reset the device by pushing the reset button down for at least 10 seconds, device power must be on when doing the reset.

    When using a mobile connection such as 4G, the connection strength and speed varies a lot between devices and areas where the connection is used. But on top of that, it truly makes a difference where you place the router in your home. Have you tried moving the device around your home and checking for connection strength and speed in various places?

    While it is normal for the connection speed to fluctuate during the day, it is not normal for the speed to drop from high speeds to low speeds constantly during the day. Of course there are times in the day when there are more users online and the towers can get crowded at times but usually there is always some solution to the situation. Changing the position of the device can help or for example locking the device to use a specific 4G frequency.

    If you want to try the frequency lock, you must have a device that supports this feature. You can check the online settings page for your device to see if it supports this feature. There are usually multiple 4G frequencies available in one area and you can lock your device to one at a time and do some speed tests while locked to that frequency. Doing this on all the 4G frequencies, you might find a frequency less used that also gets less crowded. Keep in mind that if you lock your device to some specific frequency and for some reason that frequency didn't work one day, your device would also not connect to the internet. If you do try the frequency lock, write yourself a note of this and steps on how to unlock the frequency so that the device can once again choose among the frequencies freely.

    I hope one of these steps help solve the issues with your connections. If not, please give DNA Customer Care another call at 044 144 044 and let them know you've already tried all of the above and none of it worked. You can then look for any other solutions together.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • I'm being testing since mid august and very disappointed with the service provided.
    I have an external antenna with clear sight view to the DNA antenna.

    Based on the data measured, my conclusion is that they can't maintain decent speed during day, probably due to high usage, as it's possible to notice on the chart. During night the speed is high.
    And we pay for the 400M and get less than 50M.
    The system doing this measurement is cable connected to the router.
    blue line is download and purple line is upload.

  • Hi EH,

    sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the service. I recommend that you call DNA fault reporting 0800 300 500 for  troubleshooting and the issue can be reported forward if it´s needed (for instance if it would show, that the base-station nearby is starting to get busy).We cannot unfortunately troubleshoot customer's private internet connections here at this online page, so please call for troubleshooting and the matter can be checked more thoroughly.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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