New sim card not working


I have bought a new Super Prepaid 4G sim card, i have inserted it in the phone, but it telling me that no sim card is inserted. But the phone works fine with my old sim card.


  • Hi Mehdi,

    if the phone tells you that no SIM card is inserted, that usually means that the SIM card is not properly inserted in the telephone or that the telephone for some reason cannot read the chip. Could you, for troubleshooting, please insert the new SIM card in some other telephone , and see if you get it to work? If the problems continue, you can call DNA customer care 044 144 044 so that there can be checked if the new prepaid subscription otherwise seems fine in the network and is activated.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi Linda,
    I don’t have another phone to test with. However my phone reads other sim cards correctly
  • Hi Mehdi,

    ok sorry to hear you cannot test another phone. In that case call DNA customer care so that the status for your new prepaid can be checked. Unfortunately we cannot do larger troubleshooting at this public online page, as we do not ask for phone numbers or customer information here because of data protection.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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