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Next special offer 25% free


do you know when the next offer will be? The one you notify pre-paid customers of 25% extra credit if they top up within a limited timeframe.


  • Hi Carlo,

    unfortunately we don´t have any information to give in advance about when next offers will be.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Which offers do you have now
  • Hi!

    Right now there is an offer to get extra 5€ of credit when you purchase a DNA Prepaid subscription and make a top up at the same time at R-Kioski. So on top of the top up you make when purchasing the prepaid SIM-card, you'll get an extra 5€ of credit. This is valid for both DNA Super Prepaid and DNA Rajaton Prepaid.

    For DNA Data Prepaid subscriptions you get 9GB of free data when you register your subscription with DNA. You can register your Prepaid number in our DNA Kauppa stores. For this you will need:
    • a Finnish personal identity code (or business ID) and a Finnish ID-card
    • the Prepaid phone number
    • the PUK1-code from the starter package
    • your permanent Finnish address (or post box)
    When you have an active DNA Prepaid subscription, you'll get notified of offers for top ups and such directly to your subscription as a text message. You can also download the DNA Prepaid app from Google Play Store or the App Store to see the app specific offers.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • I have telia network I will like to change to DNA but I can't come to DNA office now because am in hospital and it needs to change before 10th if the line will block,can you call please  To have a better discussion
    //DNA Edit 4.8.2020 phone number removed from discussion forum.

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