No service on mobile phone


I'm using Polish SIM card in my phone, the operator is PLAY.
In Finland, the recommended local operator for such service is DNA. It was working well for past days but since today morning I cannot make any calls, don't receive any SMS and there is no service available.

How can I fix that? Is there any issue ongoing?


  • Hello, please contact your own phone operator for help with your subscription. It's unlikely you will not have any service at all unless you're in a very remote place.

    If a DNA customer had problems with a foreign network whilst roaming, then we would recommend to manually change local operator - however for you, it's probably a good idea to first check with your own operator if this causes additional charges.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • hi, i travelled from Åland today to Turku and bought a Data card. Got back to Åland today and it does not work (despite now having paid for at least two months of usage). Can you please make it work.
  • Please note, that because you're using a different service provider (Ålcom) on Åland, some devices may requires you to allow for roaming in order to connect to the Ålcom network instead. This does not cause extra charges.

    Please check that it's enabled and try again.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant

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