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Not receiveing text messages from abroad.

I moved to Finland a month ago and I have a DNA card since then, with the problem that I cannot receive any text messages sent from Spain (but in fact, I receive the ones from Finland succesfully).

It is really important for me to solve this problem due to my bank sends me a code to my mobile phone every time I want to do any transaction, and without those text messages I cannot do anything.

My card has not expired, I have enough balance (10€) and my phone works perfectly itself, so I suppose the problem is with your company.

Please, any help is welcome.


  • Hello!

    Sorry to hear about the troubles with SMS.

    In principle, the problem is always on the senders side if you cannot receive a SMS message. It is also important to remember that incoming traffic can not be investigated by DNA (only by the sender), and therefore we can not figure out why the SMS messages do not arrive.

    Since it is a roaming operator it can be that DNA's partnership with the operator that they are using has ended, our current partners in Spain are Vodafone, MoviStar and Orange. If the operator that they are using is not one of these then it won't work, if they are using one of these operators then it should work and the matter should be investigated by the bank.


  • HI,
    I have similar issue with messages from Poland. They used to work fine but suddenly they stop coming.

    I have tried many settings but nothing helps

  • Hi Adolfo,

    As previously said, the problem may lie in the senders operator or user. Check that they are using right prefixes before your Finnish phone number.

    If the problem persist, contact our Customer Service at 044 144 044 for further details.


  • My and my sister the same problems contacting our family in Finland from both UK (Vodafone and 3) and UAE (Etisalat and DU). when speaking to all the operators locally they told us the problem is with DNA
  • Hi!

    I'm sorry to hear about this problem you're having with contacting your family. Do you both use DNA subscriptions and are they postpaid or prepaid? If you're using prepaid, have you checked that you have enough credit to make a phone call abroad? When calling your family, do you dial the number with the prefix +358 (country code for Finland)? Are you able to receive calls from your family members?

    For speedy troubleshooting and problem solving, please contact DNA Customer Care either by phone at +35844 144 044 (Mon-Fri 8-18, Sat 9-16:30) or by email at That way we can take a closer look at your subscription.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • The same problem here. I'm not receiving texts from Poland and from UK. It's pretty clear that problem is on your side DNA.
  • Hi!

    This issue is not one encountered often as you can see from the dates of these messages in this thread. The problem hasn't been with DNA on these previous occasions and it's unlikely that it's an issue with your DNA subscription in this case as well.

    Have you checked that the person or people sending you text messages have written your number correctly with the country code for Finland (+358)?

    If you're currently using a DNA subscription (Prepaid or Postpaid) and you've already checked the country code side of things (missing country code is the most common issue in these cases) but the issue still persists, please give DNA Customer Care a call at +35844 144 044 (Mon-Fri 8-18, Sat 9-16:30). Calling this number is a normal priced phone call. You can also call our free Fault Reporting Service number 0800 300 500 (open 24/7) for speedy troubleshooting.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant

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