Number transfer in the OMA DNA (My DNA) application

The change of ownership for a telephone number is most easily done via DNA:s self service portal, according to these instructions:

However, the current owner can also request the number transfer (change of ownership) via the My DNA application. After that, the new owner can use the assigned number by making a new agreement in the DNA Kauppa store.

To transfer your phone number to another person via the My DNA application, do the following:

The number transfer can be requested at "My Services" -> Click on the phone number you want to transfer -> Select "Manage Subscription"

Then select "Number Transfer":

Then the following view opens:

Click on "Transfer Number" and fill in the new owners information and save the information, as follows:

When the current owner has requested the number transfer (change of ownership) this way, the new owner should within 30 days approve the number transfer with a new contract in a DNA Kauppa store.

The number transfer is automatically cancelled if the new owner does not confirm the change within 30 days.

DNA Linda Customer Consultant
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