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Opening port

I use 4g Mokkula device and I want to host a server but I cannot open my ports. How can I do this?


  • Hello Soyhan!

    For home use hosting of a server is allowed. This means that for example internet gaming, the hosting of a game server may be used. Hosting of a server, which is not related to normal home use, is not allowed.

    Also, DNA Liikkuva laajakaista, Veppi and Dataprepaid subscriptions include one public, changing IP address. With these subscriptions you can use applications that open a connection to the server itself (eg. http (s), telnet, ssh, irc, ftp).

    Traffic coming from the internet is limited protocol and port based, accepted communication ports in TCP protocol are 500 and 2222-2231 and in UDP protocol 53, 123, 259, 500 and 1024-65535.

  • Hello
    I have a 4G Huawei router and I am running home automation server
    I need to forward TCP port 443. I made the forwarding from 500 external to 443 internal port. But I get no connection. Why? What do I need to do to get the connection from internet to my home automation server? Also I have a KNX home automation system and it has a IP gateway with port 3671. How would it be possible to connect to that device?

  • Hello Tanel.

    It is unfortunately not possible to access all ports with our subscriptions.

    The open ports in TCP protocol 500 and 2222-2231, in UDP protocol 53, 123, 259, 500 and 1024-65535 are open.


  • Hello
    I understand that it is not possible. I managed to make the connection over TCP port 2222 to my LAN device port 443 and it works fine.
    My question is that now I have a KNX IP Interface with LAN port 3671. I forwarded both TCP and UDP ports 500 (open ports) and forwarded them to my local device port 3671. But I get no connection. Why? Or how would it be possible to do it?

  • Hello Tanel.

    Unfortunately this goes beyond our knowledge. I recommend you give our technical support partner HS Works a call, they can help in more technical matters.

    Their phone number is 0600 305060 (1,98eur/min)


  • Hello DNA Juuso,

    I have a similar question about port forwarding and I thought I will ask it in this thread since it seems quite relevant, I hope that's okay.

    I'm trying to open this port forwarding from my 4G Mokkula but I noticed that on the text field when entering the port number, it is only possible to enter individual port (e.g. 3000). My question is, can I put the port number in ranges (e.g.3000-65000) instead of individual port?

    And second question, after looking at the above post "accepted communication ports in TCP protocol are 500 and 2222-2231", so does it mean that if I indeed put the port 3000 and above, it won't work?

    Thank you so much for your assistance and looking forward for your reply.


  • Hello!

    In TCP protocol only the port 500 and ports ranging from 2222 - 2231 will work, no other ports in this protocol are possible to open unfortunately.

    Then again in UDP protocol the following ports are open 123, 259, 500 and ports ranging from 1024 - 65535 so these can be used as well but only in UDP protocol.


  • Hello,

    Thank you for your reply. What about putting the port ranges as an input in the text field (e.g. 2222-2231), can I do that or am I only able to put individual port number only (e.g. 2222)?

    Thank you for your time. Regards,

    Bimo Murti

  • Hello!

    I'm pretty sure you can only use an individual port number.


  • Seems like port 500 does not work (2222 works w/o problems).. any explanation for this?

  • For example, trying to host ftp server on port 500 seems to work initially, user can log in for example, but then connection always times out. Is ftp protocol blocked on the operator side?

  • Hi!

    We are not aware of any general issues with that, port 500 should be open.

  • Hi ! It is actual information about tcp 2222-2231? I scan port and only port 500 are open.

  • im currently using ports 2222 fot ssh and 2223 for ftp. both are working fine..

  • thomson_fanipoika thank you for answer. I think in different network area may be different port open. You wrote that you can't use port 500 but in my case this port open and work perfect.

  • Im now pretty sure that my port 500 problems were caused by firewall in the connecting end. Im quite sure the same ports will be open in the whole DNA network. Have you opened ports 2222 etc your router? Try the dhields up service to check your open ports just google "shields up"..

  • And DNA.. what kind of bullshit is this anyway to keep service ports like 22 closed? pretty damn important port if you want to remotely access your home. Wont stop anyone doing anything, just makes things more complicated for your customers. Keep in mind that your competitor Sonera will allow you to have all ports open for a small fee. Tempted to swith operators because of this even though you have better speeds where I live.

  • Hi,
    thank you for your feed-back, it has been forwarded.
    You can find information about allowed ports here:

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • moro,

    is this port system somehow mokkula model based? I've got a pretty old MF60 3G mokkula and it has a port forwarding feature but the only open ports seem to be 23,53 and 80. why?

  • It's does not matter what device you have.. Those ports you listed are not open on DNA network. Google shield up port scan and run it after you have configured port forwarding to see which ports you have opened.

  • Hi Ilari,

    the port system isn´t based on the device, the allowed ports in DNA´s network are listed at .

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • ah I see. Thanks for the clarification.

    After I configure port forwarding and scan with shields up, it reports an open port. How ever, if I set a port range, like 2222-2230, the scan results only having the first port open in the specified range. I have a web server running on one of the 192.168.0.x IPs in port 2222. If I have now understood correctly the idea behind port forwarding, if I take the public IP and do (for example) curl, it should return me something (this works with 192 IPs)? But I get "connection refused". I can see with netstat that the server is listening to port 2222, tcp, not tcp6. Any ideas?

  • Hi Ilari,

    I checked with our technical support that unfortunately we do not give any further support about this. The customers´ internet subscriptions are configured so that the customer should be able to use internet without any problems with the right settings. Settings can be checked from here . We can also only give information about the allowed ports, that you are able to find in the list above. If you would have got any further questions about these specific features how they work with your device, you can contact our technical support co-operation partner HS Works, tel. 0600 305060 (1,98e/min)

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Ilari,

    Tell me your router model and exactly what settings you configured and how.

    I'll try to help..

  • Hi, I have some sort of dna mobiili laajakaista or something. But I'm not able to open my nat so I could play on ps3 games that reguire nat to be open, not strict. Any help, pls ?

  • Hi Jani,

    I would need to know what device (model) you are using, but please check here: and choose the modem that you have in use. Then choose "Asennus- ja käyttöohje" Here you can find information (Modeemien yleiset asetukset) about how you choose NAT (routed, reitittävä) or BRIDGE mode (siltaava) and there is a screen-shot how you change the setting.

    I hope this advice was helpful. If you need further help with this, please contact DNA customer care +358 44 144 044.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi
    I have a ZTE mobile Mokkula with 4G SIM card from DNA . I need to access an IP camera but cannot access due to NAT.
    I have tried opening the allowed
    open ports in TCP protocol 500 and 2222-2231, in UDP protocol 53, 123, 259, 500 and 1024-65535 individually 
    In router as well as firewall but on checking it comes as closed.
    What should I do?
  • You will need to change your APN to public. Please note that this can only be done with a pure internet subscription (a phone subscription will not work).  

    How to access the modem's admin page (if you have a DNA Wi-Fi-modem):
    - connect to the Wi-Fi-modem with your device (mobile device or computer)
    - open a browser on your device and type http://dna.mokkula or in the browser's address field.
    - login (default username: admin, password: 1234)

    In order to change the modem's APN to public, please change it from "internet" to "" under the header "Yhteyspiste". If you've activated your subscription before December 2016, we recommend using the public APN-addres "" instead.

    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Would use of a public IP, i.e. also be possible with a DNA Data Prepaid subscription?
  • Hello David,

    Yes, the Data Prepaid subscription works here the same as any other postpaid internet subscription.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Thank you.

    Is there a way of getting access to ports below 1024?
    I noticed that both on the default APN and, everything below 1024/TCP seems to be blocked
  • Hi!

    Some of the ports are blocked and cannot be accessed, everything below 1024 belong to this blocked ports category. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Hi,

    I tried to get access to my home server and was surprised to know that all necessaries ports are blocked by DNA. Especially 80, 443. Port are using for the web projects hosted on server, Let`s Encrypt certificate`s and cannot be changed by default.

    Is this restriction is also applied to DNA Business 4G connections?

  • Hi Denis,

    you ask the DNA Business customer care if they would have got the answer to this:
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • cannot open port UDP 500 and UDP 4500 for xbox one, now it says strict nat???
  • Hi Ville,

    so is it a 4G Huawei Homerouter that you use? Then you can try the APN
    If you for instance use our B715 homerouter, you can find more help here: at "Verkkopelien pelaaminen ja porttien avaus"

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Se on b818-263 huawei
  • If you speak Finnish and need further assistance, you may find our Finnish speaking support forum a bit more useful as it has a lot more threads and active users:

    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant

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