DNA Phone Prepaid plans

We offer two Prepaid phone subscription types; DNA Rajaton Prepaid and DNA Super Prepaid. We also offer a Dataprepaid-SIM that will not be discussed here.

The starter package for both of the phone Prepaid types retail normally for €4.90, and include a SIM card and €5 of balance. You can buy the starter package from several places, e.g. R-Kioski and some grocery stores. Please note that you may still see older starter packages for 7.90€ (includes 7€ of balance). At K-chain stores you can also buy a more extensive starter package that includes 30 days of internet.

  • The DNA Rajaton Prepaid (= Unlimited prepaid*) is €0.89/day for normal domestic calls, text messages and unlimited domestic data usage (up to LTE 300 Mbit/s). This daily fee is charged from your balance every day regardless if you use the phone or not (can be paused for a small fee and can of course only be charged if you have enough balance). 5G can also be activated for the DNA Rajaton Prepaid subscription, via the page m.prepaid.dna.fi.  The price is 1,19€/day with 5G pricing. 5G must be in effect for a week, before you can activate 4G again for 0,89€/day. 

  • The DNA Super Prepaid charges you for each call and text message (€0.066/each/min), but you only pay for domestic unlimited data (€0.99/day) on the days your device has connected to the internet (up to LTE 300 Mbit/s).
    If you have a DNA Super Prepaid, you may also purchase more affordable add-on packages (either with calls/SMS/data or only data) via the mobile website m.prepaid.dna.fi or the DNA Prepaid app (Android/iOS).

Please note you cannot change between these two subscription types later - if you want to switch from eg. Super Prepaid to Rajaton Prepaid, a new starter kit (with a new telephone number) has to be purchased.

Both our Postpaid and Prepaid subscriptions functions the same abroad.

The prices for normal calls and text messages within the rest of the EU/EEA area cost the same as in Finland (as long as the travel is only periodic and fair). Our prepaid subscriptions include a free default daily EU/EEA data quota of 300 MB/day, after this the price is €2.482/GB. In addition to these prices you pay the domestic daily internet charge or alternatively use up one day of your add-on package). Up-to-date info here: https://www.dna.fi/euroaming-in-english.

Please note, it's not possible to call corporate or premium service number while you are abroad.

When calling from Finland to another country, you are charged the national call rate + international call charge. You can check for international call prices here (in Finnish): https://www.dna.fi/ulkomaan-hintahaku

If you're wondering how to top up your balance, please see more here: how-to-top-up-your-prepaid-balance

*Please note, that the Rajaton Prepaid subscription is limited by fair use, meaning a max of 3000 min/month (50h), 500 GB/month and 300 messages/day or 5000/month.
DNA Linda L Customer Consultant (Updated )
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