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PlayStation 5 deliveries.

Hi! Excited with the PlayStation 5 launch. On the 2nd of October I got the message that my order is reserved from the first batch and that deliveries start on November 19th. I am wondering if you received sufficient quantities to fulfil this promise for people that got that message, and if the first batch gets shipped today Wednesday 18th? Any details you can provide about this release? Thank you very much.



  • Hi JT,

    week 40, that was 2.10.2020 when you received the SMS, we sent out that SMS to customers that were the first ones out to pre-order the PlayStation 5, and as said in the message, the deliveries for that first order group are starting from tomorrow on 19.11. So it is not necessarily posted exactly this date but as said in the message the deliveries will start then, and devices are sent out depending on how big a batch we get in.
    We have not sent SMS:s "unnecessarily" in in this matter so hopefully you will get your Playstation soon and of course there has been checked that the customers that got this message , also should be the first ones to get the PS5, once the deliveries start.
    I hope you'll be satisfied with your new PS5!

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Thank you for your answer, I got today my shipping notification and I’m pretty thrilled about it. I didn’t mean that DNA sent the messages unnecessarily but that maybe Sony provided a shorter than expected stock. In any case, very good job DNA, thank you and thank you Linda have a nice rest of the week :-)
  • Hi JT,

    I am glad to hear that you got the shipping notification already! I wish you a great week, too 😀

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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