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Prepaid balance

Where do I check my balance? I spent another 20€ today but I don't really know what I needed, Help!
Bob in Helsinki

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  • Hi Bob!

    With a Super Prepaid, you can check your balance in any of the following ways:

    • by pressing *100# and the call-button
    • by sending the text message SALDO to the number 14000
    • by calling the user service at 0800 412 582

    The balance of a Dataprepaid can be checked by sending the same SALDO text message or at, if the card is used in a phone or tablet.

  • hi plesea how check my dna dataprepaid ?thanks

  • hi plesea how check my dna dataprepaid balance ?thanks

  • Hi Rebwar,

    I apologize for the long response time.

    You can check the balance of your DNA Dataprepaid by sending the text message SALDO to the number 14000 (from the Dataprepaid card) or at

  • I am coming to Finland from the US next week I have a Super Prepaid from last year that was last loaded the end of July. How do I know if the number is still good and has time still on the phone?

  • Hi Dennis!

    A DNA Super Prepaid needs to be recharged at least once a year, so if it was recharged at the end of July '13, the number should still be active.

    If it is a registered number, you can check the balance online in our self service at (in Finnish). If it is unregistered, you can e-mail us the number at palvelu(at), and we can check it for you.

    [EDIT: contact info updated / DNA Emma 4.7.15]

  • 30 euro no limit 30 days send???? Internet no limit 30 days send help??

  • Hello Cem.

    If you are referring to the DNA Smart Prepaid's level 3 that is indeed 0,99 cents/day = 30 euros/month and it includes unlimited calls, SMS and internet.


  • hi guys !
    How can i make so sms and other offers from dna , will land up in my phone in english lang !
    thx in advance

  • Hi Luli!

    You can change the language settings for your prepaid card either at, or by calling the user service at 0800 412 582. If you have a Smart Prepaid, you can also send the sms ENGLISH to the number 14600 (four different language settings are available, by texting either SUOMI/SVENSKA/ENGLISH/RUSKIYE).

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with my prepaid service from DNA. The credit is disappearing from my phone. I’ve bought the starter pack with few Euros on the card and after few days the credit was almost completely gone. I haven’t been using the phone at all during that time. After that I’ve topped up the phone with 10 Euros credits and the same thing happened – the credit was gone after 2-3 days. I haven’t made even one phone call during that time.
    Can you tell me what is the reason for it? Is it possible that I have some kind of subscription switched on which is charging me all the time? It seems to be very unlikely since the sim card is brand new.
    I’m afraid to top up the phone again so that it would happen again and I would lose my money.
    Please help!


  • Hello Jakub.

    It can be a variety of things but unfortunately we cannot give you the answer based on this information.

    If you could call us at 044144044 or send us an email with your customer details to the address then we can investigate this further.


    [EDIT: contact info updated /DNA Emma 4.7.15]

  • Once i had subscribed for the english language, then there started the dissapearence of balance, do that really cost? If yes,i would like to unsubscribe, please tell me how can i do that

  • Hi Janak!

    It does not matter which language you have your DNA prepaid card set to, it does not cost you anything extra.

    Do you possibly have a DNA Smart Prepaid? The daily fee is charged everyday, while there is balance on the card. If that does not explain your loss of balance, please contact us at 044 144 044 or palvelu(at), so we can check the situation for you.

    [EDIT: contact info updated / DNA Emma 4.7.15]

  • I think my sim is what should i do to stop from decreasing balance.cant i change it to normal ?or i have to simply change the sim?

  • We have two different types of prepaid products for phone lines, DNA Smart Prepaid and DNA Super Prepaid. It is not possible to change the type of an existing card, so if you want the other one, you need to get a new card with a new number.

    Generally speaking, DNA Smart Prepaid is suitable for heavier usage, as you can use the card more for a set daily fee. At the default level, level 2, the daily fee is 0.69 euros/day, and that includes unlimited phone calls, texting and 3GB of data transfer per month (includes normal priced usage within Finland; service numbers etc charged separately). At level 3, you also get unlimited data usage, and the daily fee is 0.99 euros/day. Level 1 is 0.49 euros/day, and includes 100 minutes/month, unlimited texting and 1GB of data transfer per month.

    If you use DNA Super Prepaid, you are charged according to the amount of usage, at 0.066 euros/minute/sms, and internet usage max. 1.92 euros/day (data packages are also available).

  • How can recharge my balance , and I want to direct recharge by dailling which number ? I have bought dan balance but , I don't know how to recharge ? Please tell me how can I do it ,

  • Hello Ahmad!

    A recharge can be done on this website:

    Enter your subscription number on the website and if you already have a recharge voucher press Latausseteli and enter the vouchers number.


  • I have bought a DNA Dataprepaid 10 Gt + USB-mokkula 4G and I am using it on my Laptop. On the package was written, that the balance is 10 GB. Now I received a message with the figure 500. How can I check the real balance? And how I can recharge it, if needed?

  • Hello Oleg!

    The figure 500 is most likely Megabytes, you can check the remaining balance by sending a SMS message back to the number 14000 and write in the message SALDO.

    If you need to recharge you can visit or visit a R-kioski and buy a refill voucher.


  • Hello who may concern

    I buy the data pre-paid for my tablet.
    I want to know how much data that I used.
    How can I check the data that I use.

  • If you are using a tablet you can visit to view your balance.



  • 0449178457

  • Hei Jarkko,

    lataussivu löytyy täältä:

    Suomenkielinen tukisivusto löytyy täältä:

  • 10 days ago I paid for my PREPAID unlimited sim card.
    I paid 17 euros and it's a big size money for cell phone internet
    today my balance 0 (zero!)
    I hope it is some mistake because I paid not for 10 day-internet
    I have my receipt anyway
    I send a mail to customer service and I don't get any answer

  • Hi Anastasiia,

    in able for us to take a closer look at the subscription, could you please contact DNA customer service, phone number 044144044.

  • I bought a Smart Prepaid (4G) (on it a 7,90 EUR balance) about two weeks ago. Never made calls or sent messages, but only received a calls of about 10 minutes length. Now it says my balance 0.10 EUR. Is it a mistake?

  • Hello!

    If you are using a Smart Prepaid your balance is reduced 0,69 cents/day, for this you get unlimited call minutes, unlimited SMS and 3 Gb of internet for one month.

    If you do not use the number regularly this subscription type is not really suitable for you.


  • How to reload internet on my number using ATM card online? Because I don't have internet banking for my disposal account. So what should I do?

  • Hello!

    You can visit the page


  • Hello!
    I have 3.30 euro, but when I try to call, it says that time run out. What to do?

  • Hello!

    If you are outside of Finland you need a minimum balance of 4 euros to be able to call, if you are in Finland and still cannot call there is some other problem.

    In this case please contact us at 044144044 or send us an email with your customer details to so we can investigate the matter.


  • Hello I have a problem just forgot the number phone and also I do not know what kind code I have to needs check this on saunalahti sim card.Because no left any credits on card sim I would like to buy credit by internet but without own number is not possible Please help find out the solution for me

  • Hello!

    If you have forgotten your phone number you can see it in your phone settings or e.g. by calling a friend of yours.


  • Sorry I can not find on the settings this number other thing without credit also I can not make the call to nobody and check this number

  • Hello!

    You can also call our prepaid user service 0800 412 582 from where you can check your number, the number is free of charge.


  • I bought one dna data prepaid for internet around 19,99€ .
    But it doesn't work
    Can you help me

  • Hello! Last night I made mobile data, money was withdrawn from the account and do not understand why not activate data. Can you help me?

  • Hi,

    It might be that the data package will be activated after the remaining data from the last data package is gone.

    Please contact customer service by phone at 044 144 044 or at, so we can check if there an issue with the data package.


  • Hi,

    My friends and I bought the same DNA Rajaton Prepaid cards at the same time from the same kiosk in Helsinki. However, the daily fee for my friends is 0.84 EUR and mine is 0.89 EUR. I had to top up online just for that remaining few days. May I know what is the cause?

    Appreciate your prompt reply. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    DNA Rajaton Prepaid means that you only pay a fixed daily fee of EUR 0.89 per day for the use of the subscription. The daily fee includes domestic calls, text messages and data.

    There is currently no DNA Rajaton Prepaid which is 0.84€ per day, where did it say that the price is 0.84€?

    More information about prepaids here:


  • Hi

    I have just loaded a Data pack on to my wifes phone 0449552490 1GB 9.90euro and this was accepted but when we check by dialing *100# it does not show that it has been credited .


  • Hello Paul,

    There might be a delay before it shows that it has been credited. But this is a public forum so if you could contact us at Customer Care tel: +35844 144 044 or by email:, we can take a look at it and solve the issue.

  • Hi ! I bought a dna prepaid card and i want to load a 30 vrk netin but when i enter the top up code and controll number it gives me this message and i dont understand why,im using DNA number and its not alowing me to load and internet.

    Annettu latausseteli ei käy tälle liittymälle. Ole hyvä tarkista lataussetelin ja liittymän yhteensopivuus. (115)

    what is wrong?

  • Hi Alex,

    It seems that you have bought a prepaid voucher for another type of prepaid subscription, and that is why the voucher doesn't work. The error message roughly translates to "Voucher code doesn't apply to this subscription. Please check the compatibility between the voucher and the subscription".


  • I we been told in R kiosk that this ticket that i bought is the only way to load the internet.But it didnt take code like i was telling you about and gues what today interner started to work and thats f***g strange id say because im little bit in misunderstanding how this all works.So thank you anyway for help ))))

  • What different tips of Voucher can we buy. Is it possible to buy one for € 10.00?
    Must we reload our data package the last day of our package or is it possible to do it later without a problem?
    Thank you for your answer.
  • Hi Silvia,

    The different options for vouchers are 10€, 20€ or 30€ of balance. You can reload a data package at any time, if it is a DNA Super Prepaid subscription the data transfer will be charged from the balance once the data package has ended.
  • Hello,

    Less than a year ago I bought 2 DNA Double Prepaid sim cards (AIVA - DNA). One of them is working fine in both countries, Finland and Russia, on the other hand, the second sim works only in voice mode in Finland, no data capability.
    Tried almost everything, even topped it up.
    Also visited DNA shop in Savonlinna, the guys there said they will check it with the support, no news since then... a week passed...

    It feels like I threw my money in the wind.
    Any suggestions how to fix this issue?
  • Hi
    I have a Rejaton prepaid DNA but I want to have internet all the time.What is the most economic way to have internet always?
  • Hello Sanaz,

    the daily fee for the Rajaton (=unlimited) package is €0.89/day, which is charged from your balance regardless if you use it or not. This includes calls, text messages and data.

    If you mainly use internet, you may wanna change to a Super Prepaid SIM-card. Super Prepaid means that your balance gets separately charged for each call minute (€0.066€/min) and text message (€0.066€). The daily internet use is normally €0.99/day (only gets charged when you use data), but if you're using internet every day - the cheapest option is to buy different add-on packages eg. a 30 day unlimited data package is only €16.90. You can buy these from the same place as you top up your balance. If you have Super Prepaid, you may also buy your data packages directly from the handy DNA Prepaid app (eg. 60 days = €31.90).

    Please note that if you want to start using a Super Prepaid instead, you will need to buy a new starter package, get a new SIM card and a new phone number.

    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • can i use this card all of europe?

  • Hi Cesar,

    do you have a DNA Rajaton Prepaid subscription? In that case you can use it in Europe when you have enough balance. You can find more information about EU roaming here:
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hello,

    I have tried to use the SIM card super prepaid but it says it is not active. I ask to send a sms but it never arrives. 

    Can you activate the number ?
  • Hi!

    I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with your Super Prepaid subscription. Are you able to call the user service number 0800 412 582 (free of charge) or make any other calls? Have you tried restarting your phone or tried the sim-card in another device? If this issue isn't resolved by now, please call DNA Customer Care at 044 144 044 so that we can take a closer look at your Prepaid subscription. You can also visit any DNA Store (DNA Kauppa) for help with your subscription.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Hi, I have a prepaid card right now but it’s a 1 euro a day type, can I change to the 19.9euro a month type without change my number?
    Suli Xu
  • Hi Suli,

    if you now have got the DNA Super Prepaid subscription where you pay 99 cents per day for data transfer, you are not able to change subscription type to DNA Rajaton Prepaid.
    However, you can download the DNA Prepaid application from App Store /Google Play store , to your phone. In the application you can order a datapackage for the Prepaid subscription, for instance Tehonetti 30 days (100 Mb/s) to the price 19,90€ . Please note that you also must have ordinary balance for calling and texting, the data package is only for internet use.

    If you later on unsubscribe from the Prepaid application, the 99 cent daily mobile data fee will after that be activated again if you want to get back to that option.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hei,
    I have top up my phone 10 euro at Rkioski yesterday morning but still not in my account. Yesterday afternoon, I asked the salesman, he replied that there will be 10 or 11 tonight. As the result I still haven't received till now. DNA test please help me?
    Thanks in advance
  • Hi!

    Unfortunately we are unable to help you with this issue on this public forum as we need to take a closer look at your subscription to find the problem and you shouldn't give out any personal information here. Please contact DNA customer care either via phone on 044 144 044 or email on so that we can help you with this issue.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant

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