Prepaid Esim data plan

I am visiting Helsinki next month and looking for esim plan with Euro roaming, any suggestions!


  • Hi Thamer!

    Apologies for our delayed reply.

    DNA doesn't have any eSIM-cards available for Prepaid subscriptions, only for Postpaid subscriptions. Unfortunately we don't have any suggestions for you at this time.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Any updates on this now that new Apple phones (in US) do not have a physical sim-slot any more?
    Joonas Lehtinen
  • Hi Joonas!

    DNA still doesn't offer any eSIM-cards for DNA Prepaid subscriptions, only for DNA Postpaid subscriptions. I also don't know about any plans for this becoming available in the near future but of course it's possible and probable, that eSIM-cards will at some point be available for Prepaid subscriptions as well.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Thank you for your prompt answer.

    My family has enjoyed using DNA pre-paid when visiting relatives in Finland. Unfortunately we can no longer use DNA due to our new phones lacking SIM slots.

    Did not see that any other major operators in Finland would have implemented eSIM for prepaid either. Only solution I found was to use a virtual operator called "airalo". Strangely, they operate on DNA network 😀
    Joonas Lehtinen
  • Same here, US iPhone, no DNA for me…
  • Hi Andrei!
    Unfortunately there is still no new updates regarding this, and eSIM is currently only available for postpaid subscriptions.
    DNA Tuija
  • Is there any update now ?
  • Hi Uvindu,

    DNA still doesn't offer any eSIM-cards for DNA Prepaid subscriptions. Most likely there'll not come any changes to this in the near future. This is the situation until further notice, however, let's hope eSIM for prepaid could be available in the future.
    DNA Tuija

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