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I plan to purchase a DNA Super Prepaid subscription from R-kioski. If I would like to change it to a Rajaton Prepaid or a DNA Postpaid Plan afterwards, is it possible to keep my number?


  • You cannot later change between prepaid subscription types.

    If you're not a very active user, we recommend buying the Super Prepaid and then purchasing add-on packages with calls/SMS/data (unlimited packages) or just packages with data alone (internet packages). See more about the different types here: See prices for add-on packages here:

    We previously were able to change prepaid into postpaid subscriptions (provided your Finnish credit history was okay), but that system is currently not in use, and we unfortunately cannot say when this will be available again.

    We do recommend however that you register your prepaid number in your name, which means that you eg. can get a new SIM card if you lose it, or we can give you your unlocking code (PUK) if you've forgotten your PIN number. You can register your prepaid at a DNA Kauppa store.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant

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