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PUK code

If you have postpaid or a registered prepaid number, you can easily retrieve your PUK code free of charge by logging into our self-service portal on our website: You can now also retrieve the PUK code via the new MyDNA app (android/iOS).

Please learn how to create a login to our self-service portal here: How to create a DNA Tunnus (DNA's self-service portal)

The PUK code can also be given at a DNA Kauppa store (locations: or via our Customer Service on tel. 044 144 044. PUK code enquiries from the Customer Care/stores are €10.

If you have locked a DNA Welho SIM card (eg. Welhokaista, Tuplakaista, Netti 4G), you can only get the PUK code by calling our Customer Service or visiting a DNA store. The Welho PUK code will be provided free of charge.

PUK codes cannot be given via e-mail.

If you have a non-registered DNA Prepaid subscription, the PUK code can only be found on the original Prepaid starter package. The Customer Service unfortunately does not have this information. If you cannot find your original PUK code, the SIM card cannot be registered or unlocked and your subscription, balance and original number is lost and cannot be transferred to a new SIM card.
DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
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