Dear Sir / Madam, greetings.  
I lost my PUK code, unfortunately my child tried the PIN code many times & the SIM was locked !!!
So Iam asking if I can get my PUK code & how?
My phone number is : +358 41xxx , (prepaid)
Thanks a lot & your support is highly appreciated.
Khalid Ahmed
//DNA EDIT 13.8.2020: /phone number removed because of public online forum.


  • Hi Khalid,

    you can find the PUK code on the SIM card holder, where your SIM card originally was attached. So hopefully you have the SIM card holder left from the original prepaid package.

    If it is an unregistered prepaid subscription (if you have never registered this phone number in your own name in your own social security number), then the only way to get the PUK code is from the SIM card holder. DNA Customer Care does not have PUK codes for unregistered prepaid subscriptions.

    Prepaid registration can unfortunately not be done without the PUK code.

    If it is a registered prepaid, you can get the PUK code via the self service point www.dna.fi/minunpalveluni or DNA Customer Care.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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