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Receive SMS and phone call

Hello. I'm using super prepaid. I'd like to know about how much cost to receive phone call and SMS in Finland. And I also want to know how much cost to call and receive phone, send and receive SMS in Germany, Australia, and England.
Thank you.


  • Hi Hiro!

    Receiving calls does not cost anything when you use the DNA Super Prepaid within Finland. Receiving text messages never cost anything, no matter if you are in Finland or abroad.

    In EU countries (so both Germany and England), calling costs 0.236 euros/minute, receiving calls is 0.062 euros/minute and sending text messages costs 0.074 euros apiece.

    In Australia, calling costs 4.056 euros/minute, receiving calls is 2.542 euros/minute and sending text messages is 0.499 euros/SMS.

    Information about charges abroad is available at Choose whether you are abroad (Ulkomailta) or in Finland (Suomesta), Prepaid-liittymä and enter the name of the country in the box.

  • Can the DNA line receives SMS in Russia ?Thx
  • Hi,

    yes you can receive text messages with your DNA subscription in Russia.

    You can find prices here: . Just write "Venäjä" (=Russia) in the empty field, click at "Hae" (=search) and you will see all the prices for Russia and you can also see what operators we recommend in Russia.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Thank you so much 😀
  • Since about a month I cannot receive sms from abroad. Within Finland all works fine. My sent sms is received abroad, this works fine too. I cannot find anything that would make a change.
    Perhaps you can help. My smartphone is a huawai p10. DNA is my provider.

  • I'm sorry to hear about the problem you're having with this.

    If you do not receive a text message, the problem is generally on the side of the sender and/or their operator. Have you checked that the person sending you text messages have written your number correctly and is using the country code for Finland, +358?

    If the issue still persists, please call our free Fault Reporting Service number on tel. 0800 300 500 (24/7).
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Thank you, Linda for your fast response.

    I checked it with 3 different countries: So I was unable to receive SMS's from France, Germany and Austria - it seems that I do not get any SMS from abroad. Within Finland there is no problem. All senders have correctly answered, as they used to answer to older text messages which they have receive from me some weeks ago.
    I am going to use the phone number you have provided for me.
    Thank you and have a Merry X-mas as well a Happy New Year 😀

    Stay safe and healthy 😀
    Kind regards
  • I am quite shocked that it seems I cannot get SMS messages if DNA does have agreements with my contacts phone company!!   I rely on SMS for family contacts and have never had any information whatsoever that warms me of the terrible dangers of losing contact if phone companies alter their agreements or one of my family contacts changes phone companies and there is no agreement.   I have not heard from my brother now for 18 months and have had zero awareness this might be due to messages simply being thrown away by a phone company!  Quite unbelievable this is possible.   This problem has only now come to my attention because a contact in France cannot now send me messages.   Until recently I was with Elisa.    It is very poor phone companies are not warning phone users of the unreliability of using SMS for important contacts.
    Andrew Judd
  • Hi Andrew,

    I recommend that you can call our technical number 0800 300 500 and please give some feedback about exactly what countries this concerns and the foreign operators (companies) this concerns, so that this more detailed feedback could hopefully be forwarded as a suggestion for possible future roaming - contracts.

    Here: you can see information about the preferred networks and available services in the EU area and here outside EU.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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