Returning the product

I bought samsung active watch 2, and wanted to return after 2 days because i don't like the battery life and the watch is not fully comparable with non-samsung phones.

Before i go to DNA store, i called the customer service about this issue battery. I was told to go and discuss in the store and it is not impossible to return it.

Well i went to store, we have long discussion about returning the product. At last, i left the store with very much disappointment. I wasn't told about the return policies when they sell the product. 

Here are few things:

1. If it is not possible in any case to return the product why i was told to go to DNA store and discuss about it ?

2. Customer representative told me that they even can't send the product for the inspection, if they do i have to pay for the fee myself

Well learn my lesson, think 1000 times before you buy or take any services from DNA Store or just NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM DNA STORE.


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