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Roaming in Europe


In may I will be in the Netherlands for about 3 weeks. Now I'm wondering; is internet on my phone already free in Europe? Im asking this since I've heard about new EU laws that forbids telecom providers to ask extra costs for roaming in Europe.
I got my subscription in september 2016, and I have a subscription with unlimited 3G. 

Kind regards,
Tijmen Bult.


  • Hello Tijmen,

    the new EU regulations regarding data roaming in Europe will begin in June 2017.
    So if you have an unlimited 3G subscription through us and you are going to be in the Netherlands in may the costs for using roaming internet will be by the current prices which in Netherlands are 0,062€/MB if you have an DNA subscription and use data roaming.

  • Hello,
    As of June 15th 2017 "Mobile operators have to offer their roaming services at domestic prices to consumers who either normally reside in or have stable links to the Member State of the operator". As I'm having unlimited data usage at no extra cost being in Finland, I expect no cost on data usage when being abroad. Is my assumption correct?
    It looks like EU ruling leaves little room for interpretations...
  • Link:

  • Hi Olaf,

    DNA will inform customers how the changes will affect the subscription in the near future.

  • Hello, in 16 days the new EU rules start so DNA should have pronounced about this by now. I have a prepaid card. Will I have to pay the same amount abroad for data (EUR1.5/ MB)? Because here at home I have the 1.92 daily maximum, will this be the case abroad?

  • Hi Ren,

    you can find information about the roaming prices after 15.6.2017 here: , "EU tiedonsiirtokiintiöt DNA:n prepaid liittymillä". There you can see the prices for DNA Rajaton Prepaid and DNA Super Prepaid. For instance DNA Super Prepaid daily data: EU basic fee 0,0057€/Mb up to the limit of 110Mb/day.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hello,
    Can you tell me how it'll work with roaming in Europe when you have a DNA subscription?Will I just be able to step out of the plane in the Netherlands and turn on roaming and just use internet like in Finland?
    Often with these kind of things it always looks glorious and golden but then there are some hidden costs or rules. So please explain to me exactly what it means for DNA subscription holders. 
    Kind regards. 
  • Hi Tijmen,

    you can take a look at the page , here is information about the changes that take force 15.6.2017. If we assume that you now would have for instance the subscription type DNA Rajaton 4G Teho:  then the EU phonecalls , sms:s and MMS are included in the monthly fee. If you use mobile internet, there will be a EU basic fee ( =EU-perusmaksu) of 0,0057 euros / Mb. When you at the same page take a look at the header "EU-tiedonsiirtokiintöt DNA:n puhelinliittymillä", you can find DNA Rajaton 4G Teho on the list and information that you can use the internet EU basic fee 0,0057e/Mb up to 6,3 GigaBytes per month. The prices are valid when the customer travels occasionally. (For instance if you stay 3-4 months abroad, that´s not occasional travelling)

    More information at this same page

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Thank you for your answer. 
    Quoted from an official European Union website:
    "As from 15 June, mobile users travelling to other countries in the EU will be able to call, text or surf the net without paying any extra charges. The last requirement for abolishing mobile roaming fees was met today with the adoption by the Council of the legal act that limits how much operators may charge each other to allow roaming across Europe."
    I'm not surprised though that there are hidden costs to it anyways. Money needs to be earned. 
    Kind regards. 
  • Hi,

    I still don't fully understand your answers as you are mainly talking about sms, calls and mms packages.

    My subscription type is DNA Super Prepaid. Every month I purchase the Unlimited 30 days data package for 16.90€. This means that for that price I have all the data usage I want, but I pay extras for all calls, sms and mms I might send/make.

    I currently live in Finland but I will travel to Iceland for 10 days in August. If I activate the same data package in August, am I able to still have unlimited internet at zero extra cost -just like in Finland? Basically from the 15th of June on, will data packages be working everywhere in the EU, or are they still limited to Finland (so no roamning but normal data fees apply)?
    As far as you explained, the only clear thing is that all sms, calls and mms will have the same cost I would pay in Finland.

    Thank you for your time,
  • Basically you have limited internet (6gb, not sure) but every mb you use costs 0,0057 cents. In my opinion it's quite misleading how they put forward that you can use everything you have in Finland everywhere in Europe as you can in Finland.
  • Hi Martina,

     I´ll explain to you more thoroughly about the pricing. If you have a DNA Super Prepaid subscription and if you order the 30 days unlimited data package, you can use internet in EU countries after 15.6. at a price of 0,0057e/ Megabyte, up to 1770 Megabytes. If 1770 Mb exceeds, you will be charged according to the EU-roaming additional fee 0,0095e/ Mb. You can find these prices at and "EU-tiedonsiirtokiintiöt DNA:n Prepaid-liittymillä"

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Thank you Linda for the answer.

    Unfortunately for us, Tijmen, the limit is 1.7GB (not 6). This means that even if I pay 16,90€ in advance for unlimited internet, in the UE I will still be charged 10€ for the first 1.7GB of use and then around 10€ for every single GB.

    Quite inappropriate, I'd say, as the new rule on data transfer states that the price for 1MB will be *home network rate, but no more than the wholesale price cap for usage over included services and for pre-paid packages".

    It's also unfortunate that the linked website is in Finnish and my google-translated version might lose important nuances when coming to price regulations.

    Of course money needs to be earned. It's just quite annoying to be the ones who have to pay for it unjustifiably.

    Thank you for your time.
  • I'm just very dissapointed. I was looking forward to this quite some time. I'm a Dutch student and I go to the Netherlands every 3 months or so. But now I still have to be worried for unexpected roaming costs. 
    I know this is probably not DNA's fault, but the EU's fault.
  • Honestly, I'm sorry but it is DNA's fault.
    If you read through the regulation and make two counts, by paying an unlimited data subscription you have right for a "fair amount" of "roam like at home" data (ref. FAQ 1). This last term means that you will be charged no differently than at home (in both the normal subscription and prepaid data plan cases).

    After the "fair amount" you will be charged a maximum of 7.7€/GB+VAT (ref. FAQ 4). That is the standard price of 0.0057€/MB that DNA chargers straight away and only for your first 1.7GB of use (meaning you can pay at most around 10€, then a higher price of 0.0095€/MB is applied).

    The "fair amount" can also be calculated using the way explained in FAQ 19.
    If VAT is 20-24% on my unlimited data promotion for 16.9€, then
    DNA is only offering 1.7GB as a fair amount, while it should be the double. Furthermore I remind you that the fair amount should be free as long as it's size it's included in my current data package - just like at home.

    Finally I couldn't find anything about the extra-charges applied as "EU-surcharges" that DNA talks about on the website.

    The source I referred to is the official European Commission website and the screenshots are from the Frequently asked questions section.
    It's available at:

  • So basically none of the official EU sites mention anything about the "EU basic fee". That's weird.. Also when I google "0,0057 basic fee roaming", the only relevant link that comes up is DNA.. 
    I find this really weird, and I wonder if TeleFinland has the same "basic fee".  And if I look at Dutch telecom providers, they don't mention the fee either.
  • Hi,

    you can read more about this here as well: . Unfortunately you don´t see exactly the same text if you choose english at this page, but in the finnish text there´s mentioned that Viestintävirasto can exceptionally grant the operator permission to charge additional roaming charges in Europe. The purpose of this, is to ensure that there will continue to be affordable, unlimited and large data packets in Finland. Here is mentioned, that  the following operators have applied for permission to charge an additional fee: DNA, Elisa, Telia, MoiMobiili.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Ah, that clears things up a bit then! 
    Thank you.
  • lopetta!  15 x sms nyt  (EU roaming)
  • Hello. I am traveling to Spain this week. Can you tell me the charges for received calls, SMS, MMS and Data usage please. I am on a monthly plan that provides unlimited usage.

    Thank you.
  • Hi Paul,

    you can find the prices here

    Phonecalls, sms:s and multimediamessages are in Spain charged due to domestic tariff. For mobile internet there 'll be charged 0.0057 EUR/mb.

    Please also check at this page "EU-data fair use quotas with DNA phone subscriptions / DNA Prepaid subscriptions", there you can see more specific information for your type of subscription.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi,
    I have been now two days in London and the DNA roaming here really sucks for both phone and data. My work phone from Finland works fine. What is the problem? I called the customer support yesterday, and they were unable to help. Will DNA post the cost of a prepaid SIM?
  • Hi Paul,

    There has been some temporary issues regarding roaming abroad with DNA subscriptions, we are still working on it.
    A DNA Prepaid SIM card can be bought in a DNA Kauppa or R-kioski store in Finland, we cannot post a prepaid card to other countries.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hello,
    I purchased the 30-days unlimited data plan in Finland on the 20th August and it worked quite well for my four days in Finland and the first day in the UK, but since yesterday evening I couldn't access to the Internet and I don't know why, the phone just responded ‘network unavailable’.  I wonder is there something wrong with my sim card or the plan, thanks. xx
  • Hey Alice,
    Since I have had some experience with DNA mobile internet within Europe, I can maybe help you. Most of my trip I haven't had any DNA internet with also just "no service" (still have to call DNA for that, since I did pay the full subscription costs even though they weren't able to deliver me their services). What sometimes helped was turning airplane mode on for 30 seconds and then turn it off again. See if it reconnects to a provider. Otherwise try rebooting your whole phone. 
    If all that doesn't work than DNA is again or still having trouble (thought they'd have figured it out by now). Do know that you can still call emergency numbers. 
    Kind regards,Tijmen.
  • Hey Tijmen,
    Really appreciate your reply. I had rebooted my phone several times though. And turning to airplane mode was a new idea, yet still none of them working. It's more strange when my first day in London had been totally fine. That's utterly disappointing and I definitely won't recommend anyone who want to travel around EU to purchase DNA plan. Unless they are just visiting Finland.  Anyway, thanks for your help and have a good day.
    Sincerely, Alice
  • Hi Alice,

    if you now have problems with mobile data in EU countries, it might depend on that you try to use 4G or that you use an operator abroad that we don´t recommend.

    At this page you can see what operator we recommend when using the DNA subscription in the UK. At " Preferred networks and available services in the EU area", you can see that we recommend either Hutchison 3G UK Ltd or T-Mobile UK Limited and that 4G is not supported. So you could change your phones settings to use only 3G and manually choose some of these operators.

    At this same page you will also see that the EU fair use limit is 1770Mb with EU baselinefee 0,0057 eur/ mb when you have a 30 day data packet. Please also check if you have enough prepaid balance.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hello,

    When do you expect to have 4G roaming coverage in Europe? It's quite annoying and I know that Elisa already has it.
  • Hi Ilya,

    4G roaming is now available with DNA 4G subscriptions in the following EU countries:

    Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden.

    More information  (check preferred networks in the EU area) at
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hello, does prepaid dna rajaton have unlimited calls, sms and internet when use in Norway and Sweden for E0.89 a day?  Does online top up accept oversea credit/debit card?
  • Hi Tot,

    DNA Rajaton Prepaid has unlimited calls and sms:s in Norway and Sweden for 0,89 euros / day but you are charged the EU baseline fee 0,0057 eur/mb for mobile data transfer.

    You can find more information here: You can see here, that you can use 100 Mb/day with EU baseline fee 0,0057 eur/mb and if 100 mb exceeds, the price is 0,0095eur / Mb after that.

    You can recharge your subscription at with for instance a Visa Card or Master card that's issued in EU, or with finnish netbank codes.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • moi, I have a holiday in London a week, I have a fixed subscription for unlimited internet, is there a way to have internet in uk too? Kiitos
  • @Luana Oliveri

    Yes you will have internet in the UK.

    Until they leave the EU of course.
  • Hi Luana,

    depending on the subscription type, the fair use quota for each subscription type is different. For example with DNA Rajaton 4G Teho subscription type you can transfer 8,1GB of data with the EU-baseline fee 0,0057€/MB. Exceeding this costs the EU-surcharge 0,0074€/MB. The quotas and surcharge price has been updated 1.1.2018, more information here:

  • Kiitos 😀
  • Hi,

    I would like to check with you, if I were to buy the repaid DNA in the airport for the 4.90 bundle how much should I top up to make sure, I have enough data to use in Norway as I will be in Norway for 4 nights and back to Finland.
  • Hi Cyril,

    it´s hard to say exactly how much you should top up as it also depends on how you use your mobile internet. You could check in your phones settings how many megabytes you normally use per day; if you just read news, check your e-mail etc. you will cope with less, but if you intend to navigate with your phone, watch movies etc , there will be used much more megabytes.

    I recommend that you check this page  and "EU-data fair use quotas with DNA prepaid subscriptions". So if you have for instance a DNA Super Prepaid subscription without data packet, you can use 140 megabytes per day with the EU baseline fee 0,0057 eur/ mb and when the limit 140mb has exceeded, you will be charged according to the EU surchage 0,0074 eur/ mb.

    You can always recharge it at with a Mastercard or Visa Card issued in Europe, or then you can also buy a prepaid voucher at some R-kioski store in Finland and redeem the voucher by calling +358800412582.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi
    I'm travelling to Greece for two weeks, I wonder if I can use my internet bundle with my super prepaid dna sim card there, regarding to that I tried to use my credits to use internet service when I was in italy last week.
  • Hi,

    yes if you've got ordinary balance enough, then you can use mobile data in Greece. We recommend the operators WIND and Vodafone in Greece and you can use 3G there.

    When you have enough balance on the line, you can use mobile data in Greece even though you just were in some other country.

    You can find more information about roaming here: and here you can see that there is charged the baseline fee 0,0057 euros / mb for mobile data in EU. Please check "EU - data fair use quotas with DNA prepaid subscriptions". Here you can see that if you for instance have got a valid Tehonetti 50M package, you can use up to 2680 megabytes paying the baseline fee 0,0057e/ mb and after that 0,0074 euros / mb.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi,
    I am in Switzerland and I am wondering why when I send an sms I am charged for the sms THREE times? Every time I send an sms I get three messages saying that the cost of the sms was 0,50€. The problem comes when I see that in each message my balance decreasses 0,50€, making a real cost of 1,50€. Why I am getting charged 3 times for the same sms?
  • Hello Miguel,

    if your message is long or it contains an attached file, your phone may change it into a more expensive MMS-message. If your phone sends an MMS-message, data charges may also apply, which are a bit more costly as Switzerland isn't an EU/EEA-country.

    In order to investigate this fully (and check if it really sends 3 messages), please contact and give your subscription number to our Customer Care on 044 144 044 or

    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Hello, can you please guide on how to fill "ordinary" balance above the prepaid tariffs? Next week I am going to Greece with super prepapid simcard. While online balance paying there are only 4 options: 1) unlimited 7 days, 2) unlimited 30 days, 3) 10GB/90 days, 4) 30 GB/90 days. As I understood, roaming fees are charged above all these 4 options (from "ordinary" balance), but I cannot find where to pay these extras above. Thank you!
  • Hi Natalia!

    You can top-up your Prepaid subscription online at (paying with online banking or bank cards issued in Europe), at R-Kioski or by buying a top-up voucher. On our top-up website (, you can choose to top-up only ordinary balance and/or a data package (under "top-up info" on the website).

    First you insert your Prepaid number and then you choose either pay online or use voucher. If you go ahead and choose pay online, the next page let's you choose whether you want to just top-up ordinary balance or also buy a data package.

    There is also very useful information about EU-roaming prices (in English) on our website If you have any trouble with the top-up or any questions about EU-roaming or your subscription, please don't hesitate to contact Customer Care at +35844 144 044.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant

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