I'm trying to use my DNA super prepaid SIM abroad, in Mexicoo. However, when someone tries to call me from Finland it doesn't work. I would like to know if with that SIM I can receive calls from Finland or how can I activatel  the service


  • Hi!
    If you have been using your prepaid in Finland, it should work in other countries also after that.
    It'll cost you 1,677€/min to receive a call in Mexico (check so the issue might be that you do not have got enough ordinary balance for the prepaid? In that case you can recharge your subscription at We have got roaming agreements with Pegaso PCS and Telcel in Mexico, so I recommend that you use one of these operators. After the recharge, please restart your phone. You can recharge the DNA prepaid subscription at with a VISA or Master Card that has been issued in some European country or with a finish bank card, we cannot promise that the top-up will succeed for sure with a bank card that's issued outside Europe.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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