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Roaming outside Finland


I am a student in Finland. I will travel to several countries in Middle Europe for 10 days. I just want to know whether my DNA Prepaid can allow me to text message while I am not in Finland? I do not need to make a phone call or use internet. I just want to text message to people around Europe and Asia. Is it possible with my type of account? I have nearly 4e left in my account at the moment.

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards,


  • Hi Ha!

    Yes, you can use your DNA Prepaid for sending and receiving text messages abroad.

  • Hello,

    Can I ask the cost for texting and receiving message abroad? Thanks

  • The prices can be found here: It is only in Finnish, unfortunately, so if you have questions about a specific country and cannot find it, please just let us know, and we will look it up for you! Generally, sending a text message in EU countries costs approx. 10 cents. Receiving messages does not cost anything.

  • Is it mandatory to use code 140 xxxxxxx. # instead (normal) + or 00 if you want to call from abroad with prepaid number. There is no convenient. You have to modify all your contacts in the phone book.
    Asking for calling from EU countries.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Mi!

    No, it is not necessary in all networks, just in some. It has to do with the technical properties of the network you are using, so there is no general rule that applies for all countries.

  • My sim card just disconnect and there is no signal when Im in abroad ( within Europe) How can I activate it to start roaming?

  • Hello Dung!

    Roaming is by default enabled on all subscriptions.

    Are you sure you have enabled roaming in your device settings?


  • Hi! I'm in Spain right now (Alicante area) and, I can´t make any calls. I can send text messages, but no calls.

    I am also traveling further to France (Nice) tonight, so I urgently need an answer on how I can make phone calls (both to Finland, and the rest of the EU). This is very inconvenient, especially considering the telephone is pre-paid (DNA Prepaid).

    I will be very thankful for a quick answer.

  • Hello,

    I'm traveling to Norway and I'd like to know if it is possible to receive phone calls from South America to my prepaid DNA.

  • Hello!

    Yes that is possible.


  • Hi! I am in Spain, I have prepaid and the roaming activated. But I can't make any calls. Earlier today I was able to send a text message. Does it take some time for the roaming to work properly after it gets activated?

  • Hi Vanesa!

    Have you tried entering the number in the following format: * 140 *[country code][number]# (so our customer service number 044 144 044 would be *140*35844144044#)? In some international networks, that is needed for making calls.

  • Yes, I have tried that and I only got some kind of message that says something about wait, redirecting the call, and some seconds later I just get a call to myself from my own number. I don't understand

  • Please try manually choosing the network in your phone settings. DNA has roaming contracts with the following operators in Spain: Orange, Telefonica, and Vodafone.

    If you use Orange, you do not have to use the prefix mentioned above, you can enter the number normally with the country code (so calling our customer service would be +35844144044). We recommend that as the primary option. If you use Telefonica or Vodafone, the * 140 * format is needed.

  • Automatically it chooses movistar, but when I use the 140 format it keeps calling to myself instead the number I want to call. I tried manually with orange and Vodafone but it cannot connect them. Is there any customer service number where I could call from Spain? Is there also any minimum credit amount that I should have to be able to call? Now I have 13€.

  • Our customer service number is +35844144044. Please note that international calling charges do apply.

    The minimum amount for calling from abroad is 4 euros.

  • Hi there,in jun 2014 I bought DNA prepaid and traveled abroad from Finland to number was working in Slovakia (I could receive calls but I could not make any probs...I just need this number for my company to call me) Last month july 2014 I traveled to Finland where everything is working perfectly...But last week I came back to Slovakia, and now I cannot set up this even when I try manualy.Roaming is nr.+358 ***...what should I do differently..?With which company has DNA roaming contract in Slovakia...? Kiitos.

    [EDIT: number wiped for security reasons /DNA Emma 5.8 13:25]

  • Hi Radoslav!

    For prepaid lines, DNA has a roaming contract with Telefonica, T-Mobile, Orange Slovensko and Telekom in Slovakia. If you use Telefonica, you should be able to call using just the international prefix. If you use any of the others, you need to enter the number in the format * 140 * [country code][number]# when making a phone call.

  • Hi again,I am trying to set up Telefonica O2 manualy but phone tells me that selected network is forbidden...actually,it does tells that with each network I tried...does the same on other phones too...any more tips?

  • If Telefonica does not work, please also try manually choosing either T-Mobile, Orange Slovensko, and/or Telekom. If you cannot access either, please contact us by e-mail at palvelu(at), so that we can check the network settings for your number.

    [EDIT: contact info updated / DNA Emma 24.7.15]

  • Thanks, I will contact you through e-mail.

  • I am in USA and using data usage for emergencies on my Finnish contract number. The number connects with European cell phones but not working in Canada or there some thing I should have done before travelling? I do not want to switch on roaming!

  • Hi Susan!

    Could you please clarify the problem? Do you mean that you can use your number in Europe, but not in North America, or can you only call specific numbers?

    When you use your DNA card outside of Finland, you automatically use roaming, so if that is shut off in your phone, it is probably what is causing the problem. Data roaming can be turned off if you do not want to use the internet.

  • Hi, I am a exchange student. I would like to know what are the countries that allow me to call and send text messages other than finland. What are the prices and how do I do it?

  • Hello john.

    The pricing can be checked here:

    Pricing can vary depending on if your subscription is prepaid or postpaid.

    In case you have a prepaid more info can be found here:


  • Hi there,
    I've got a prepaid DNA and I'm in Japan at the moment. The only operator I can choose is NTT DOCOMO. The problem that I seem to have is that I can send my text messages to Finland but I cannot receive them from certain numbers. I assume it's some operator issue? Are you aware of some problem between certain operators in Finland so that when a DNA prepaid customer is in Japan (or abroad) he/she will be able to send the text but not receive any from the same number?

  • Hi John!

    NTT DoCoMo is one of our roaming partners, and we are not aware of any issue with this. If this is only a problem with certain numbers, it might be a problem at their end. By switching on the delivery report option, they can find out if the problem is with their operator ("delivery failed" or other error message), or if the message has been sent off properly ("delivered").

  • Hello there,
    I´ve a problem that i can´t understand, i´ve DNA for almost 10 years and this never happened, i´m abroad now, i´ve been in Brazil and some other countries and the phone worked very well always since a bought the sim card, but the last days my phone got kinda crazy, i explain:
    Phone calls:
    .................- receive ok
    .................- make ok
    .................. - receive ok
    .................. - send is impossible
    I´m in Portugal now and i´ve already been here for over a month and it worked very well till now.
    Could you help me please... i´ve 49 euros credit and they'll expire only in july 2015.
    Thanks in advance

  • Hi Rosa!

    Our roaming partners in Portugal are Vodafone, Optimus, and MEO - Servicos de Comunicacoes e Multimedia, S.A.. Are you using one of those? Please try manually switching to another of these networks, in case there is some temporary disturbance.

  • Hey Emma,
    Thanks for your reply. I've manually changing all this 3 Portuguese companies already 2days and all working in the same way, phone calls np problem, but SMS, can't send and sometimes can't receive as well.
    can you help me. Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Rosa.

    Is it possible for you to test your SIM-card in another phone and check if it works then?

    Also please make sure that your SMS memory isn't full, if all the memory is used then SMS messages begin to have these kind of problems.


  • Hey,
    Done! cleaned my sms aand changed SIM to another brand new phone, still the same. :-(
    It´s able to connect to VODAPHONE, OPTMUS an MEO, but when i connect it´s come a msg on my phone saying: you lost your connectivity ..."you have lost data connectivity"...
    I can receive and make phone call, but SMS i can only receive, not send.
    thanks in advance

  • Hi Rosa!

    Can you please check if there are any software updates available for your phone? Another customer had a similar problem, which was solved by an update.

  • Hey Emma,
    Yes, i up date my phone´s software, tried and finally worked, THANKS A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOT for your help.


  • Hello!
    I'm going to travel to Europe this week and I want to use Internet there. In Finland I have DNA prepaid SIM card. Could you tell me how much it will cost for me to use Internet in roaming?
    Thank you in advance,

  • Hello Yana.

    Unfortunately it is not possible to use internet with our Prepaid subscriptions when roaming, calls/SMS will work normally.


  • Hello DNA.

    I am using DNA prepaid simcard. I topup to the balance yesterday with 10Euros and today it's left only 8Euros. I dis not sending any message or make any phone call since yesterday. I am not using internet services either. Can you help me to explain why and how to solve it?

    Thanks very much!!


  • Hello H.

    I'm guessing the phone has been using internet by itself (software update or such) if you have not used it.

    Unfortunately i cannot check it with these details but if you give us a call at 044144044 or email your customer details to the address then we can have a look at the situation,.


    [EDIT: e-mail address updated / DNA Emma 4.7.15]

  • Hello,
    I am goinf to Nepal for couple of months. Can I receive text and reply from there?

  • Hi Suu Zaan!

    If you have a DNA postpaid line (that you pay invoices for monthly), the line works in Nepal with NCELL PRIVATE LIMITED (prices here

    For prepaid cards, we do not unfortunately have any roaming partners in Nepal. It could possibly work anyway, but we can offer no guarantees, especially for texting.

  • Hello,
    Will my phone work in "Cuba" and be able to text messages to Finland? I am using DNA in Finland now.

  • Hi Russell!

    For postpaid lines, you should be able to use Empresa de Telecommunicaciones de Cuba, SA (ETECSA). For prepaid lines, we do not officially have a roaming partner in Cuba. It might work anyway, at least phone calls, but we cannot guarantee it.

    We have a price search on our Finnish website (link above), but for roaming partners, information in English is available at

  • Hello to you.
    I made a mistake to take with me ONLY a DNA Prepaid to Italy (Rome and Amalfi)! Cell calls not possible, anywhere- I followed your 140 orders and tried to take manually an other operator- with no luck- when I tried to call home, the cell connected the line to my own number!!! Totally grazy and you can imagine, that my trip came a nightmare. Here are many other examples like mine- and you are advertising your prepaid functional out of Finland-ballshit! I hope you can give an honest answer, whats the trouble- would my normal cellular with DNA been working there (Italy)-if I had it with me? No problems like this with Saunalahti- earlier.

  • Hi Ulf!

    I am sorry to hear that your line has not been working. I am not aware of any technical issues in Italy recently, but as with any mobile connection, there might regrettably be temporary disturbances from time to time.

    Without more information, it is hard for me to comment on your question. Generally speaking, we have different roaming contracts for prepaid and postpaid lines, so hypothetically, a technical issue might not affect both types of cards. For prepaid cards, you should be able to call normally with H3G in Italy; with Wind, TIM and Vodafone, the number should be entered in the * 140 * format you mentioned.

  • Valitettavasti kyse ei ollut paikallisista tilapäisistä häiriöistä vaan vika kesti koko. Matkan 5 päivää ja oli sama niin Roomassa kuin muualla-ja kaikilla operattoreilla!Haluan todella järkevän ja perustellun vastauksen,missä vika. Tuo 140-ohje sai puhelun yhdistymään omaan nu.eroon

  • Hello Ulf.

    If the DNA Prepaid was a new subscription bought right before your leave maybe it was not activated and thus didn't work. The activation is done by calling the user service number 0800 412 582, this has to be done while in Finland since you can't activate it from abroad.

    You will need to contact our customer care at 044144044 or email your customer details to us at in order for us to investigate this further.


    [EDIT: e-mail address updated / DNA Emma 4.7.15]

  • Hello,
    I am going to Lebanon Middle east on tuesday and i am wondering if i can use my DNA line for calling or internet roaming etc ... it is prepaid.?
    thank you

  • Hello hany.

    Calls/SMS will work but internet does not work while abroad with Prepaid subscriptions.

    The price for calling from Lebanon to Finland is 4,056 €/min, the price is the same when calling within Lebanon. Answering a call while in Lebanon you will be charged 2,542 €/min, sending a SMS message is priced at 0,499 € each.


  • Hello,

    I am currently in Taiwan and China at the moment with a DNA prepaid card and a nokia GSM phone, are there any partner companies you have in this region for roaming service?
    Thank you!

  • Hi Haoshin!

    In Taiwan, we have a roaming partner called Chunghwa Telecom. To make phone calls with that operator, you will need to enter the number in the following format: * 140 *[country code][number]# (so for instance our customer service number 044 144 044 would be *140*35844144044#). Calling to Finland or Taiwan costs 4,056 euros/minute, receiving calls costs 2,542 euros/minute, sending text messages costs 0,499 euros/sms.

    In China, we do not unfortunately have a roaming partner for prepaid cards. This does not necessarily mean that your phone will not work at all, but we can give no guarantees.

  • Hello, I am going to Germany for 2 months and I'd like to use the unlimited Internet package I have with my DNA prepaid subscription. Is this possible in anyway at all?

  • Hello,

    I'm going to Norway soon, may I know the data roaming details such as the rates etc?

    Thank you!

  • Hi Fi!

    data roaming is not supported for prepaid cards, so it is unfortunately not possible to use the internet abroad.

    Hi Christina!

    For DNA prepaid cards, making calls in Norway costs 0,236 euros/minute, receiving calls is 0,062 euros/minute and text messages are 0,074 euros apiece. We have a roaming contract with Telenor and NetworkNorway, so we recommend using either of those. With Telenor, you need to enter the number in the format *140*358441234567# when calling; with Network Norway you should be able to just dial normally.

    If you have a postpaid subscription, the prices listed above also apply, but you can also use the internet at 0,248 euros/MB. The roaming partners are the same, plus Netcom. With postpaid lines, you do not have to use the call format mentioned above.

  • I bought a prepaid sim card in helsinki, now I am travelling in Sweden, I wonder if I can roaming internet and how? Urgent Thanks.

  • Hello Jy.

    Unfortunately internet is not supported with our prepaid subscriptions while roaming, calls & SMS work normally.


  • I will be going to philippines next week for a 5 weeks holiday, how can i switch my dna sim into a roaming sim?

  • Hi Michael!

    If you want to get a local SIM when you get there, you can of course do so, but we do not have any special roaming cards. If you have a postpaid subscription with a roaming barring, you can contact our customer service at 044 144 044 or palvelu(at) to remove it.

    [EDIT: contact info updated / DNA Emma 24.7.15]

  • Hi! What are the rates for calling and texting Italian and Finnish numbers from Italy? The links in the website don't works

  • Hi Marc!

    Calling Finnish or Italian numbers from Italy with a DNA number costs 0.236 euros/minute (+ mobile call charge). Receiving calls is 0.062 euros/minute, and text messages cost 0.074 euros apiece to send.

  • Hi,

    How about Serbia, is roaming working there and what are the prices for calling and receiving calls and for sms?

  • Hello Ivica!

    Yes it will work with the following operators: Telekom Srbija, Telenor & Vip mobile.

    Calling is priced at 4,056 euros/min and receiving calls is priced at 2,542 euros/min and SMS is 0,499 euros each.


  • I'm going to Denmark in a couple of days ..
    Can i use data roaming? and how much does it cost ? 1.92 per days ?

  • Hello!

    If you are using a DNA Prepaid then unfortunately data does not work while outside of Finland. If you are using a postpaid subscription the price for data usage is 0,248 euros/Mb.


  • how can i order data package
    now i have about 4€

  • Hello!

    A data package can be ordered here: please note that even with the package the data will only work while you are in Finland.


  • Hi all
    I am student and I want to travel to Armenia but want too receive text messages which are very important for me.
    Please tell me how I can turn on my sim card roaming.
    Thank you!

  • Hello Balabek!

    SMS is automatically supported when you are roaming so there is nothing you need to do in this matter.


  • hello!
    I am travelling to Lithuania in this month! Will work normally my DNA super prepaid in there, or I should do some settings, or how it is working?

  • Hi Vaida!

    DNA Super Prepaid works in Lithuania as well, for phone calls and text messages (internet usage abroad is not possible). You should not have to change any settings, your phone will automatically choose a network for you. If you need to change it manually, the following operators should work: Omnitel, Tele2, and Bite. Calling Finland or within the country costs 0.236 euros/minute, receiving calls is 0.062 euros/minute and sending text messages costs 0.074 euros/sms.

  • Wel am traveling to italy so am asking if I put credit in my phone can I use the Internet using the mobile data, and is for how much a daily?

  • Hi Ousman!

    Internet usage abroad is not possible with DNA prepaid cards, unfortunately.

  • Hi!
    I am now in Ukraine and I am trying to reach 020070000. However, I cannot make this phone call. I've also tried *140*35820070000#. I recieve something like "wait, connection will be established", but nothing happens.

  • Hello katerina!

    Did you also try +35820070000?

    Also if you are using a prepaid subscription please note that you need to have at least 4 euros of balance in order to call.


  • Yes, I've tried this and I have around 10 euros on my account

  • When you call with the * 140 * prefix, what is supposed to happen is this: you make the call, and get a notification that your call is being connected. After this, the call will be cut off automatically, and an incoming call will come to your phone. When you answer that call, you are connected to the number you entered previously.

    If this for some reason is not working with the current operator, please also try switching networks manually in your phone. We have roaming partnerships with Kyivstar, MTS and Ukrtelecom in Ukraine, so please try either of those.

  • Hi,

    I am in Spain right now, I would like to buy for a data service. Can I buy the unlimited data package? How about the roaming fee? Can you explain everything related to this?

    Thank you.

  • Related to my previous question, is it also possible to buy another data package (limited) for this purpose?


  • Hello Steve!

    What kind of subscription type are you using?

    If you are using a prepaid subscription i'm sorry to say that data is not supported with those while abroad at all.


  • Hi Juuso,

    I am using prepaid dna right now.

  • In case you are using a DNA Super Prepaid subscription you can order a data package at or by visiting, but as i mentioned the data package will only be available to use while you are in Finland.


  • I have DNA prepaid subscription and I will be travelling to Sweden soon. I want to use my DNA number for sending and receiving SMS while I am in Sweden. Can you tell me how do I start that service and what will be the cost of sending and receiving sms in Sweden and in Finland.
    Thank you

  • Hi Swarnim!

    You do not have to do anything to activate roaming, you can just send text messages normally. Sending a text message in Sweden costs 0.074 euros. Receiving messages does not cost anything.

  • Hi

    I have a DNA SIM card, the mini one, which is rather new, and a new NOKIA mobile phone.
    I am in UK now, and I cannot establish connection! I have put roaming ON in the settings/mobile+sim. No network have been found automatically. I have put manually vodafone UK, but still there is no network connection. What else in settings I have to put ON or OFF?
    To have a telephone connection is crucial for my work

  • Hello!

    If a phone restart does not help please send us an email with your customer details to so we can check.


  • I am traveling to Estonia this weekend - I have a DNA Super prepaid package - will I be able to send and receive SMS? And what about speech?

  • Hi Celia!

    Yes, it is possible to call, send and receive text messages in Estonia as well. Calling costs 0.236 euros/minute, receiving calls costs 0.062 euros/minute and sending text messages 0.074 euros/minute.

  • Hello.
    I'll go to North Uganda next month.
    Can I use Super prepaid sim card in North Uganda?
    And if it can, how much will it cost?

  • Hi Hiro!

    We have a roaming contract with the operator MTN in Uganda, so you should be able to use it. Calling costs 4.056 euros/minute, text messages 0.499 apiece. Receiving calls is 2.542 euros. To be able to make a call with this operator, you need to enter the number in the following format: * 140 * [country code][number]# (so a Finnish number would be *140*358441234567#).

  • Hi

    I'm going to Russia this weekend, how can I activate roaming for recieving calls and messages?
    How much are the fees?

  • Hi Pedro!

    Roaming is automatically enabled, so you don't have to activate it separately (unless you have a roaming barring in your phone, in which case you need to enable it there).

    For DNA prepaid lines, calling in Russia costs 4.056 euros/minute, receiving calls is 2.542 euros/minute and sending text messages is 0.499 euros apiece.

    If you have a DNA postpaid line, calling is 1.068 euros/minute, as is receiving calls. Sending text messages is 0.236 euros/SMS.

  • Hi,

    I am in South Korea, Seoul at the moment and I don't get any signal on my prepaid DNA. I have credit and I get wifi from the airport although I have No Service.
    Please let me know asap what can I do since I'm travelling.


  • Hi Fabio,

    unfortunately we do not have any roaming contract with South Korea for Prepaid subscriptions. Notice that you need to have at least 4 euros on your saldo to be able to make phonecalls abroad (if there is a roaming contract with the country).

  • I'm going to china.
    Can I use DNA sim in China?

  • Hi Hughes!

    If you have a DNA contracted subscription, we have a roaming contract in China with Unicom and China Mobile. Calling costs 3.001 euros/minute, receiving calls 1.678 euros/minute, adn text messages 0.285 euros apiece. Internet usage is 11.173 euros/MB.

    For DNA prepaid numbers, we do not have any roaming contracts in China, unfortunately.

  • Hi,

    I have a DNA prepaid mobile and will go to Denmark for some days. Apart from receiving calls, can i make calls too? If yes is it automatically activated or should i do something extra? What about the calling time? should i have a minimum amount in euros?


  • Hi George!

    Yes, it is possible to make calls in Denmark as well, but you have to enter the number in the following format: * 140 * [country code][number]# (so, e.g. *140*358441234567#). You do not have to activate it separately. A minimum saldo of 4 euros is needed to make a call abroad. Making calls costs 0.236 euros/minute, receiving calls is 0.062 euros/minute and sending text messages is 0.074 euros apiece with a DNA prepaid card in Denmark.

  • Great!
    Thanks for the fast answer!

  • Hi
    I'm going to NY. Can I use DNA sim with my ipad which is used in Finland usually.
    Not prepaid one, I have a contact.
    Can I make a phone call, use internet there? And how much are they?

  • Hi Mario
    if you have a contract of a mobile internet subscription you are able to use it also in NY. You could call DNA customer care +358 44 144 044 to check if there is a roaming barring on your line. You can find the prices at . It costs 8,122e /Mb to use internet in USA and the operators that you can use are T-mobile and AT&T Mobility.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi, I'm going to Pihilippines. Does DNA sim work over there? Thanks

  • Hello!

    Yes it will work there, our partner operator there is called "Smart". Calling there is priced at 1,885 euros/min, if you receive a call and answer you will pay 1,881 euros/min. SMS is priced at 0,285 cents/each. Internet usage is 8,122 euros/MB


  • Hi,

    I have a DNA post-paid connection and a Samsung Galaxy Ace 4. I will be travelling to several countries and specifically Australia. I want to check if international roaming is active on my post-paid connection by default or do I need to call customer service / dial a command?


  • Hello!

    To make sure of this please contact us by calling 044144044 or by sending your customer details to us at


  • I have a super prepaid DNA SIM card in Nokia 108 phone which I bought in Helsinki last April. Worked very well when I was there. Came home in June, and as I want to keep the number I topped up €10 on line yesterday (6 months later) and switched on phone.

    However there is no signal
    I am in Ireland - I have selected the "manually select network", and for each of the 3 choices given it and keeps saying "No network access"
    I can not make or receive calls or sms/ texts

    How can I get signal (network). I presume the card is valid as it accepted the top up and gave me a receipt.

  • Hello Caterine!

    Could you please contact us at +35844144044 or email your customer details to so we can check what could be the problem, based on what you wrote the card should still be active and working (if you have not already tested try to restart the phone or test the SIM in another phone)


  • Hello,

    I have a super pre-paid sim card. I will be travelling to Hungary, Czech, Austria, Germany. I will be expecting calls from Dubai. Is this possible? if yes, is there anything I should do? how much does it cost to receive a call?


  • Hello!

    There is nothing extra that needs to be done.

    Receiving a call in Hungary, Czech, Austria and Germany is the same price, it's 0,062 cents/min.


  • Hi,

    I have a DNA Unlimited 4G Power number, and I'm traveling to Estonia soon; wondering the internet connection will work there? and how much does it cost? Many thanks!


  • Hi Chaoyu,

    if you do not have any barring connected to your DNA Rajaton 4G Super line, then you will be able to use mobile data with your line in Estonia. If you like to check the barrings you can call customer care 044 144 044.

    You can find the pricelist for calling and using mobile internet in Estonia here:

    In Elisa, EMT and Tele2 networks, the mobile internet transfer costs 0.248e/Mb.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi,

    i have tried to use my dna account outside of Finland (Denmark , Greece) using the format format: * 140 * [country code][number]# but it doesn't work. When i try to call i get the message 'requesting dna' and then 'Call will be connected, please wait' but nothing happens.

    Could you help me in this matter? Especially for making calls from Greece to finnish phones? Should i select a special provider ? Change something in the format?

  • Hello!

    The exact format for when calling to Finland e.g. our customer care that has the phone number 044144044 is: *140*35844144044#

    Is this the way you have entered the number? Note that the first "0" of the 044 beginning is left out.

    In Greece for example our partner operators are:

    Cosmote - Camel
    Vodafone - USSD
    Wind - Camel
    Wind Hellas - USSD

    The operators that use the older USSD technology are the ones that you need to dial the *140*35844144044#, if you are using Cosmote or Wind you only need to dial +35844144044.


  • i just tried via cosmote dialing the normal number and it works! thanks. I will try later with ussd and let you know

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  • ned help im outside finland and im tyrying to reload via boucher card but i have no idea how to do it,, do i ned prefex number to reload outside finland

  • Hello Jon!

    You can visit and add the vouchers information there.


  • I am in Perú and I cannot connect to any mobile network. How I can phone or receive SMS? Thanks!

  • Hi,

    if You have a DNA Prepaid line, you are not able to use mobile internet outside Finland. With DNA Prepaid lines the mobile internet works only in Finland. You can also check on our webpage, if DNA has made roaming agreements with the country that you are in; nothing comes up for Prepaid and Peru:

    If You have a DNA postpaid line, please contact DNA customer care +358 44 144 044 so that you can check , if there are some barrings on the line. You should be able to call and text with a DNA postpaid line in Peru and also use mobile internet with the operator Claro, please check prices here:

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hello. I bought I dna rajaton prepaid 4G. It's deducting balance daily. I want to know why? And one thing like right now I am in Denmark. How much it will be for receiving calls here from Finland while in roaming. What would be the roaming cost. Is it possible to have monthly subscription for roaming? If yes then how much would that be?

  • Hi,

    the daily price for DNA Rajaton Prepaid is 0,89e and it includes unlimited phonecalls and textmessages to normalpriced domestic landlines and gsm subscriptions within Finland and also unlimited internet.

    If you want to have a Prepaid line where you only pay separatelly for each phonecall and textmessage, you need to buy a new DNA Super Prepaid package. (It is not possible to change the DNA Rajaton Prepaid to a DNA Super Prepaid)

    When you receive a phonecall in Denmark it costs 0,062e/min and calling to Finland from Denmark, or in Denmark is 0,236e/min. A textmessage costs 0,074e. Internet cannot be used abroad with any DNA Prepaid line. You can find the prices also here :

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Thank you very much. I am going to stay in Denmark for long Tim and needs my Finland sim working only to receive calls. Can I turn off this subscription so that 0.89 will not be charged daily. Or I can order a new DNA super prepaid package and get it here in Denmark by post? ? Is that possible?

  • Hello!

    If you are not using your subscription, you can set it to pause mode. Pause mode saves you credit, but at the same time you cannot make calls, send text messages or use the data connection.

    You can switch to the pause mode by text message PAUSE ON to the number 14600 and PAUSE OFF to the same number 14600, activating pause mode costs 2,50 euros of balance and removing pause mode is free, you can also do this via the mobile website at

    Unfortunately we cannot send out orders outside of Finland, if you want to start to use a Super Prepaid you will need to ask a friend in Finland to purchase it for you and send it to you by post, note purchasing a new prepaid also comes with a new phone number.


  • Thanks. .so I will not be able to call or text but I will be receiving calls at roaming cost only right? So no other credit will be deducted. ?

  • Hello!

    If you would have been in Finland you would be able to receive calls but unfortunately if this pause mode is ON you cannot receive calls when outside of Finland, however you can receive SMS messages, but you cannot send messages.


  • OK. Thank you. Is there any way to have free roaming for around one month. If yes then how I can do that , what will be the charges? Thank you very much for replying. This is my last question if you can you answer it would be a great help. Thanks again. !!!

  • Hi Dips,

    you cannot have free roaming unfortunately by using a DNA Prepaid subscription. The phonecalls, textmessages and internet that´s included in the DNA Rajaton Prepaid subscription, concerns only domestic traffic in Finland. You cannot use internet abroad at all with a Prepaid line, and if you call or send textmessages abroad, you will be charged according to the pricelist: .

    Also if you would have a postpaid line, for instance Rajaton 4G teho, there´s charged separatelly for all internet usage and phonecalls/ sms:s when using it outside Finland.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hello - I have a DNA Super Prepaid SIM card/plan.

    Can you tell me if the SIM will work in Canada for just sending / receiving Text MSG's if I load it up before I leave Finland? If so, what is the cost per 'local' text?

    We are then going on to Australia - where you have a contract with OPTUS so the card should work for Text MSG's again there - the rate is not clear on your site.....


  • Hello!

    It will work in Canada and in Australia, the prices seem to be the same for both countries.

    If you make a local call in these countries the price is 4,056 euros/min, receiving a call costs for you 2,542 euros/min, sending a SMS message is 0,50 euros/each.


  • Hi, I am travelling to other countries in Europe. Is there any data plan which I can use on my prepaid while I am travelling.

  • Hi,

    There is no data plan to choose for data prepaid abroad, though there is a 60€ data roaming limit set by default on the data prepaid subscriptions.

    In EU countries the price is €0.062/MB. Pricing information for other countries:


  • Hi,

    I purchased a data package ~5€ for 30 days and tried to use EU Internet when I was in Germany but I couldn't connect to Internet.
    Is there any step I should take to activate it?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi,

    Data packages for prepaid subscriptions don't work abroad. Using internet abroad is priced separately, in EU countries the price is €0.062/MB.
    The internet connection should work if you have available credit on your prepaid as well as the dataroaming setting enabled in your phone settings.


  • Hello

    What are the prices for the roaming Service in Morocco?

    Thank you

  • Hi Anas,

    The data roaming price for Morocco is 11,72€/MB, phonecalls in Morocco are 3,001€/min and text messages are 0,285€/message. These are the prices for postpaid subscriptions.

    Prepaid phonecalls are 4,056€/min and text messages 0.498€/message, data roaming is not possible with prepaid in Morocco.


  • Thanks for your reply

  • Hi,

    I got the super prepaid SIM and I use the no data limit package. Next week I will be in Norway for 5 days. Can I still use the data package or do I have to pay 0.062€/MB in Norway?



  • Hi Den,

    The data packages only work in Finland, so the data roaming charge in Norway is 0,062€/MB.


  • Hi,
    Im in Spain right now and it seems my family cant reach my finnish number. I hvae super prepaid and havent had problems until now. I can´t make any calls either. What is the best network for me here to connect. I don't have problems with texts - msg, I can send text messages and receive them, but no calls can get throught.
    Thank you

  • Hi Titi,

    when using the operator Telefonica in Spain, you should be able to send SMS:s and call, but you cannot use internet with this operator. Calling through Telefonica requires USSD, meaning that when you call to a finnish telephonenumber +358 44 1234567, you must use the USSD code for that; in other words you call 140*358441234567# and then press the call button. The same goes for Vodafone, you must use USSD code *140 before calling the country prefix. You should be able to use internet with Vodafone though.

    You can call normally without USSD code with Orange Espagne, SA, sociedad unipersonal and also use internet.

    If there´s still problems when you have checked this, please check that you have got enough balance on your line, international phonecalls often require more money on the balance, so please top up you line with at least 20 euros just in case. If it still doesn´t work, check if you have activated some barrings to the line yourself, and also try to check how the SIM card works in some other telephone.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • HI!

    I'm going to Switzerland for 5 days and I will need some data. Do I get i right that there is no data package for being abroad? What is the price for data roaming in Switzerland?

    Thank you for your answer

  • Hi Caroline,

    There are no data packages for data roaming available. Data roaming in Switzerland is 11,172€/MB.


  • Hi! I'm going to be in Sweden at january. I've got Rajaton Perpaid sim. Can I use data transfer in Sweden? How mach is it cost?

  • Hi Eugene

    you will be able to use the DNA Rajaton Prepaid SIM card in Sweden as well. You will then be charged to the international pricelist:
    Phonecalls in Sweden are 0,062e/ min and the price for datatransfer in Sweden is 0,062e/ Mb.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Can my prepaid sim card wor in UK or do i need to activate roaming?
  • Hello Ishita,

    if you have a prepaid subscription you are able to use it in the UK. Phonecalls in the UK costs 0,062e/min, text messages are 0,025e a piece. If you want to use data then you will have to activate the roaming settings on your phone. Datatransfer in the UK costs 0,062e/Mb, you can find the pricelist here:
  • Hi I have DNA prepaid and I am travelling in Italy and France. Is there anyways to activate my internet? Can I call and send text messages?
  • Hi Paniz,

    if you have a DNA Super Prepaid card,  you can use internet with your subscription as well if you have made a top up so that you have enough money on your balance. The dataroaming limit is 60 e/ calendermonth.

    When you are in Italy,  you can use internet with for instance Wind or H3G and then the price for internet transfer is 0,62e/Mb, you can check the current prices here:

    In France, you can use internet with the operator Orange, the price is the same 0,62e/Mb.

    You can call and send sms:s as well in both countries.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi,
    I am now in Italy. I have DNA prepaid CIM card in my cellphone and a mobile router DNA-Mokkula-C9F86E. Can I activate them to connect to the internet and to call someone in Italy?
    If it's possible, how can I do that, and is that way same as in other EU countries?
  • Hi Giorgio,

    if you have a DNA Rajaton Prepaid or DNA Super Prepaid, you can use it for calling and sending SMS:s in Italy and other EU other countries as well. Check prices here: . There will be charged for the phonecalls and for SMS:s according this roaming - pricelist, so phonecalls are 0,062e/ min, sms:s 0,025e and if you use internet it´s 0,062e per Megabyte.

    There´ll be made changes to the roaming prices 15.6.2017, so take a look at the page for information about the situation after 15.6. As an example, if  you have DNA Super Prepaid without data package, the basic price for using internet in EU countries will be 0,0057e per Megabyte; this price will be valid up to 110 Mb/day. So it gets much cheaper to use internet in EU.

    Now I don´t know what type of card you have in the Mokkula, but if it is a DNA Dataprepaid SIM card, you cannot use that for internet abroad, Dataprepaid works only in Finland.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi,
    with friends we are on holidays in Portugal, and me and another 2 friends the phone cannot connect to any . We have super prepaid DNA SIM card. When we try to select network automatically it says no network access and try again later. We tried to switch the phones, even simcards, as we have another one with us.  Nothing has helped so far. What can we do? Have you been having any problems in Portugal with connection?

    It started around 13:00 when one of my friend coudnt send a text messages, it seemed like it worked for a few moments and then no signal. Now we have only emergency calls.
    None of us can make or receive calls or sms/ texts

    How can I get signal (network).  I presume the cards are valid as we use it every day. We topped it up lately to 20e.

  • Hi Sammy,

    There has been some temporary issues regarding roaming abroad with DNA subscriptions, we are still working on it.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hello,

    Please let us know when the issues have been solved!

    Thank you
  • Hi Sammy,

    there shouldn´t be any more problems with the roaming network since yesterday afternoon, so I hope everything works fine now.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hey DNA,

    I'm about to travel to Italy tomorrow.  I use your pre-pay for calls but don't use internet except with wi-fi.  How can I make sure my phone works when I'm in italy, but will not turn on roaming internet to use up all my money?
  • Hi JP,

    if you have a DNA Rajaton Prepaid subscription, you´ll be charged 0,89e / day every day even though you don´t use the subscription. You have got the possibility to pause your subscription so that the 0,89 e/day won't be deducted, but in that case you cannot call with the line and you cannot receive phonecalls abroad either. The pause mode can be connected by sending the textmessage PAUSE ON to number 14600 (activating pause mode costs 2,50e) and if you want to remove it PAUSE OFF to number 14600.
    When mobile data is used with a DNA Super Prepaid type of subscription, there will be charged 0,99e / day for internet; so this is the difference between these 2 types of prepaid subscriptions. 

    If you do not want to use mobile data at all with your subscription while you are abroad, you should disable mobile data through your phones settings, otherwise your smartphone might use mobile data all the time in the background and update applications , get e-mails and navigate.

    Outside Finland in all EU and EEA countries, you´ll be charged an EU baseline fee for using mobile data which is 0.0057 EUR/MB, you can find information about that here:  and I recommend you to read more about  "EU data fair use quotas with DNA prepaid subscriptions"

    Have a nice trip in Italy!

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Thank you for the information, but if I turn off mobile data can I still use the phone function and sms?  I'm not sure if I have super prepay or the other one as I've been using it for a while, but I normally do not have internet unless in wifi.

    All I want is to make some calls if needed or sms.
  • Hi JP,

    yes if you turn off mobile data, you can still call and send sms:s. Mobile data is for mobile internet usage only. You can also activate/use wifi, when the mobile data is turned off.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hello,

    I have DNA Rajaton Prepaid sim. I bought it in Finland, I put 10 EUR on its balance before leaving home to Russia (it was a week ago). Next week I'm going to Denmark. Will I be able to use my DNA card there for local calls and browsing the internet? And will there be enough money on my balance? I haven't used the pause mode, maybe it's my mistake. And where can I top up the balance outside Finland?

    Thank you!
  • Hello,

    I had a problem with my DNA-prepaid in Estonia. Dna's app didn't work in roaming and i can't buy data packets as i bought it in Finland. I will travel in Belgium and want to use internet and buy data packets via Dna's app. How i can solve this problem?

    Thank you!

  • Hi Julia,

    please check if you have the latest version of the DNA Prepaid application, if there are updates waiting. You should also be able to make the order at . The problem might also be that you don´t have enough balance on your line, in that case you need to recharge it.

    At this page, you can see what operators we recommend when using a DNA subscription in some other EU country: . If you use some other operator than these that we recommend, it might be that mobile data will not work. So in Estonia, you should use Tele2 Eesti or Elisa Eesti. In Belgium, you should choose either Proximus PLC or Telenet Group BVBA/SPRL.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi,

    so i hope that i understand..after crossing the border i should choose a new local network and then the application starts working? isn't it?
  • Hi Julia,

    the DNA Prepaid application works abroad in other EU countries as well. So yes, when you have crossed the boarder, just manually choose manually some of the operators (local network) that we recommend. You can also use the page with your smartphone.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi, I have a Super Prepaid DNA sim. I want to know that if I buy a data pack say for 30 days @15 Euro. Now, when I roam in EU, the EU baseline charge will be applied on top of that or once I have paid for the pack, the uses will be free till 110 MB?
  • Hi Rishu,

    you can find the information here: 

    When the subscription type is DNA Super Prepaid and you order a 30 day unlimited data packet and  you are in some other EU country, you will from the very beginning be charged the EU baseline fee 0,0057e/mb up to 1770 megabytes and if 1770 Mb exceeds, the charge will be 0,0095 eur / mb.

    So, you can compare this to if you would for instance have a DNA Super Prepaid without any data packet, then the charge is 0,0057e/mb up to 110 Mb and if 110 Mb exceeds, the charge is 0,0095e/Mb. In other words, the use is not for free up to 110 Mb.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • I was here at italy is it possible to recharge my voucher? Can u gave me a detail on how to load or recharge
  • Hi Elmar,

    you can recharge your subscription at with either a voucher or credit card/net bank, even while being abroad. Vouchers for prepaid subscriptions can be bought at R-kioski.

  • Hello, I am an exchange student in Finland. I have bought a DNA 10 GB Dataprepaid SIM card. Can I use the internet with it when I travel to other European countries? If so, is there any other cost I should pay? If not, do you have other services for me to roam in other European countries? Thank you very much
  • Hi Eric,

    DNA Dataprepaid subscriptions work only in Finland.

    You can use DNA Super Prepaid or DNA Rajaton Prepaid in other EU countries as well. If you intend to do that, please check the preferred networks and  available services in the EU area at this page , so you can take a look in advance what operator you should use and 3G or 4G in the countries where you are travelling.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hello,

    I used my DNA Simcard for 2.7 years in Finland. now I am in Germany and I can not call anyone with it!! I charge both data and calling just 1 hour ago and I receive the SMS for that, but it I ca not call anyone with it !!! after 1 sec, it will disconnected.
    Could you please tell me what is the problem?

  • DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi !
    Sorry if this question is not in right place writen but i need help any way !
    When im calling a person and the operator still says that  
    ***the dialed number cannot be reached ***
    what does it mean? Is the person far away from finland or is the phone is off ?
    Please help me to understand !!
  • Hi Alex,

    the message usually means that the phone is off, or that the number is unreachable for some other reason for example that the phone isn't connected to the mobile network at the moment.

  • How can I get my mobile number as I am roaming in Nigeria...
  • Hi,

    in Nigeria you should use the operator MTN and you should use USSD *140* code for calling. This means that if you for instance want to call a finnish number 0441234567 from Nigeria, you should dial *140*358441234567. Calling with DNA subscription in Nigeria is 4,056 €/min, receiving phonecalls 2,541 €/min
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi, im traveling to Norway and im using Dna prepaid and have the 16.90 euros package , will i be charged extra if using internet in Norway? And if so how much
  • Hi Ramona,

    when roaming in EU/EEA-countries with the 30 day data package you can transfer 1770Mt data per month with EU baseline fee 0.0057 EUR/MB, exceeding that costs the EU surcharge 0.0095 EUR/MB. More information here:

  • Hey,

    I'm in Germany right now and will go to Austria soon. Calls and SMS do work, but the Phone does not connect to the internet, even though data roaming is enabled. What can I do?
    Afaik it should be working without any problems, but it doesn't.

    Thanks in advance
  • Hi Mo,

    please check the web-page . Here you can find more specific roaming information for each country. In Germany we recommend Vodafone or O2, so you can force  your phone using manually some of these operators, and also 3G network, as 4G won´t work. Restart your phone after that just in case, and mobile internet should work when you have activated dataroaming and mobiledata in your phone's settings. In Austria we recommend the operator A1 Telekom Austria and 3G.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hey Linda,

    I have already done that and I am connected to vodafone. I also chose 3G instead of 4G, but it does not connect to the internet. On the place where the phone usually shows the connection (LTE, H, 3G,...) is always an X and no website can be loaded.
    When turning the phone on the X is not there for a few seconds and according to the "data usage" there are a few KB of traffic before the connection is lost.
    I also tried with a phone of a friend, same problem there when using my DNA Sim....
  • Hi Mo,

    if the problems continue, you could contact DNA Customer Care at +358 44 144 044 or and give your DNA subscription number, so that your subscription and this matter can be checked more thoroughly.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • It's possible to use prepaid DNA 4g in Stockholm??? Do I have to use roaming??
  • Hi,

    you can use 4G in Stockholm as well. You should just enable roaming through your phones settings. We recommend the operators Tele2 or Hi3G Access in Sweden. If you have a DNA prepaid, make sure that you also have got enough balance on your subscription.

    You can find more information about EU Roaming here 
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • I will travel to Europe for 4 weeks (30 days), starting in June 2018 with my first stop in Finland for 3 days. I wish to purchase a pre-paid data SIM package that can be used for the entire trip in Europe (Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belguim, Netherlands). I expect to use between 3-5GB of data in total. Considering the new roaming rules, which pre-paid plan is recommended? Thanks!
  • Hi Brendon!

    You can choose one of the following Prepaid subscriptions available at DNA:

    DNA Rajaton Prepaid
    Includes all normal priced domestic calls, SMS and data (in Finland) for a daily price of 0,89€.

    Prices for data usage in another EU/EEA country:
    120 MB/day with EU baseline fee 0.0057 EUR/MB (EU fair use limit)
    EU surcharge 0.0074 EUR/MB (after the EU fair use limit has been reached)

    DNA Super Prepaid
    Normal priced domestic calls 0,07€/minute and SMS 0,07€/message, no data included and no daily price. DNA Super Prepaid customers can buy packages which include either mobile data or calls, messages and mobile data. These can be purchased at, or through the DNA Prepaid App.

    Prices for data usage in another EU/EEA country:
    DNA Super Prepaid (without active package)
    140 MB/day with EU baseline fee 0.0057 EUR/MB (EU fair use limit)
    EU surcharge 0.0074 EUR/MB (after the EU fair use limit has been reached)

    Pricing for DNA Super Prepaid with an active data package are different as they are specified by the type of data package.

    You can read more about the pricing for data packages, EU-roaming and fair use limits on our website On this website you can find a list of countries where these prices are valid and a lot of valuable information about EU-roaming.


    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Hi I have currently DNA sim card and superinternet pack is activated. how much will it cost me in roaming outside finland in paris and swiss?

  • Hi!

    If you are currently using DNA Super Prepaid and you have purchased a data package, you can check the roaming prices for that package here under EU-data fair use quotas with DNA prepaid subscriptions. You can also find a list of the EU countries at the bottom of the page, where these EU-data prices are available.

    As Paris is in France, you can use data there with the Prepaid subscription and according to the EU-data fair use quotas. But if by Swiss you mean Switzerland, the price is different. You can use data but the price is 0,25€/MB and the networks the data works in, are Salt, Swisscom and Sunrise.

    If you need more information about this, and you can't find the answers on the website, please call Customer Care at +35844 144 044.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Hi! I'm traveling to different EU countries. I'd like to ask how to activate the roaming data of my rajaton sim card and how much will the data cost me. Thanks!
  • Hi Jana,

    if you have a prepaid card, you can check all the prices and information here Mobile data in EU with a prepaid subscription costs 0,0057 euros. If you use a DNA Super Prepaid without data package, you can use up to 140 mb/ day with EU baseline fee 0,0057 eur / mb and after that the EU surcharge is 0,0074 eur / mb

    At this webpage that I mentioned you can also see that if you order the Tehonetti 50 M package for instance, the price is 0,0057 eur/ mb for usage up to 2680mb and after that 0,0074 eur/ mb.

    Enable roaming in your phones settings and activate mobile data, and the 0,0057 eur/ mb  will then be deducted from the balance of your subscription.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • hi!

    i am currently in germany, but am unable to access data roaming even with the APN correctly configured and the taskbar showing that its connected to the data.

    i get a notification that says 'active packet roams in EU, 0B included, 0.09B/MB thereafter'. i have about 7 euros in my balance, but am not able to access the data roaming. i also can't call the hotline because it is in finnish. could you please assist me?
  • i am using the dna super prepaid with tehnoetti 50M package.
  • Hi Lance,

    you could contact DNA Customer Care at and give the prepaid phone number if you want this to be checked out more thoroughly. Perhaps the validity for your datapackage has ended and you should order a new datapackage.

    In Germany we recommend you to use use Vodafone or O2 Germany Gmbh and at the moment we don´t have 4G roaming agreements with these operators so you should choose 3G.

    What is good to know, is when you have installed the DNA Prepaid application and registered that, you cannot go back to the 0,99 e daily fee ( this is the daily price for mobile data in Finland with DNA Super Prepaid) again, but then you must order a new datapackage in order to use mobile data. If you want to get back to the 0,99e daily charge for mobile data, you must unregister in the application through the settings in the application ( Poista tili = Remove account) and remove the prepaid application , and after that you can go back using the daily fee instead of ordering datapackages to DNA Super Prepaid.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hello,
    My name is Giang and I'm currently in Vietnam. I'm not sure if it was because of me not having opened some roaming option before I left for Vietnam since my DNA number cannot make calls to any number although it receives calls and messages just fine. I have brought my phone to the Vietnamese network provider that my phone connects to but they said they couldn't do anything about this. Can you check if I could do anything to make calls again?
    In addition, will this affect my subscription? I don't want my number to be deactivated, will receiving calls/messages avoid that?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Hello Giang,

    I'm assuming you're using a Prepaid number if you're concerned with the deactivation of your subscription. The validity of the subscription is only prolonged by topping up the account, the usage itself does not prevent deactivation.

    Depending on your prepaid type, the validity time after each top up is 6-12 months (and only 3-6 months for a new subscription that has never been topped up yet).

    The most common reason for not being able to place calls or send text messages is because a lack of suffient credit on the account. Please make sure you have enough balance to place the call (you get a text message about the prices for that particular country when you connect to the local network) + another 4€ (= minimun amount of credit to place an international call).

    Another reason may be some sort of limitation you've added to your subscription. Please check your settings the mobile site

    Please note that it's not possible to call Finnish premium numbers (service/company numbers) when abroad.

    If you are still experiencing problems after this, please write our Customer Care at so we can check your specific subscription.

    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Hi, I travelled to Hungary recently and activated my data roaming before going there. However, after first date my internet didn't work. Now, I am travelling to the Netherlands. How can I make it sure that my phone mobile works there?
  • mobile internet*
  • Hello,

    is your subscription a Super Prepaid or a Rajaton Prepaid? Please note that Dataprepaid doesn't work abroad.

    Please make sure you haven't limited the roaming access at and have enough balance on your account. Please note that even if you have a fixed price on data or an active data package, the data usage outside Finland costs extra.

    Does your phone find a local network operator - and are you able to place calls? If your phone doesn't automatically find a network operator, you may manually change/find a network operator via your phone settings. Please make sure you have restarted the phone if it doesn't find any operator.

    If none of this helps, our Customer Care can check your specific subscription. Please contact them on +35844 144 044 or

    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Good afternoon! I am aware that having Rajaton Prepaid subscription only allows to use calls and text messages outside of Finland, and data costs extra. I just can’t find information on the actual amount of “extra”. Could you please share a link or just state the amount in the response?
  • Hello Daria!

    The prices can be viewed here:

    The fair use quota depends on your subscription, aswell as possible add-on packages (Prepaid).

    If you're having problems reading the charts, please let us know what kind of subscription you have - and we'll help you interpret the page. You can also see several answers above concerning the same question (new prices after June 15th 2017).

    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Hi! Was wondering if I’ll be able to make calls in the US using my prepaid DNA sim?
  • Hi Mila,

    yes you can. Just make sure that you have got enough balance before you travel to the US. You can recharge your subscription at with a VISA or Mastercard issued in Europe, or if your credit card isn´t issued in Europe you can buy a prepaid voucher at some R-kioski store.

    At this page you can find the prices. When you write Yhdysvallat in the empty field, you'll see prices for US. We recommend T-Mobile, Indigo Wireless or At &T, and mobile data is 0,149  €/MB and phonecalls 4,056  €/min and SMS:s 0,498   €.

    Please note that with this operators you need to use the USSD code *140* when you call. This means that if you for instance want to call from US to a Finnish number (358)441234567, you must dial *140*358441234567.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi!
    I’m planning to go to Europe from Asia, and the first stop is Finland! So I would like to know if it’s possible and if so how much is it to use unlimited internet service from DNA in whole Europe.
    And which kind of offer should I get?
  • Hi Tetsu,

    you can buy a DNA Super Prepaid package or a DNA Rajaton Prepaid package at some R-kioski store or DNA Kauppa store when you come to Finland. You can use both these subscriptions outside Finland as well.

    The start package is 7,90 euros and includes balance for 7 euros. You can top it up at with a Mastercard or VISA issued in Europe, or buy prepaid vouchers at R-kioski and you can recharge your line so that you have balance enough before you continue your journey from Finland.

    If you choose DNA Super Prepaid, the price for calling and sms:s is 0,0066€/min or per sms, also in other EU countries. Mobile data is 0,99€ / day, for those days when mobile data has been used, or outside EU 0,99€ per day + 0,0057€/ mb. Please find more information here: If you don´t want to pay the mobile data daily fee 0,99€ when using data,  you can also instead choose to download and register to the DNA Prepaid application, and order datapackages through the application and in that case the 0,99€ daily data fee will be disabled.

    With DNA Rajaton (unlimited) Prepaid, the daily charge is 0,89€ / day and that includes calls, sms:s and mobile data in Finland.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Thank you for your help, but I don’t really understand how the price system is.
    Could you tell me how much it would cost to use unlimited internet use in EU, but not in Finland, with the Rajaton Prepaid plan for 21days?
  • Hi Tetsu,

    yes so let´s specify the DNA Rajaton Prepaid as well. If you choose the DNA Rajaton Prepaid package, and use it outside Finland in some other EU country, you'll at first be charged 0,89  €/day every day. In this daily fee of 0,89  €/day, there is included calls and textmessages in Finland and when you are roaming in other EU countries. Mobile data in Finland is also included in the daily charge but not mobile data in other EU countries. The charge for mobile data in other EU countries is 0,0057 €/Mb up to 100 Mb/day. If 100 Mb/day exceeds, you'll be charged the higher EU mobile data fee 0,0095 €/Mb.

    If you on the other hand call from Finland to other countries (so you are not roaming in any other operators Network) , then these international calls are not included in the daily fee, and you can see the prices for calling from Finland to other countries here: .

    You can find the DNA Rajaton Prepaid pricelist here
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • I have a DNA prepaid sim card. Is it possible to use mobile data when I go to Stockholm, Sweden?
  • Hi!

    DNA Prepaid sim-cards work abroad so yes, you can use your DNA Prepaid in Sweden. The price for data roaming in Sweden depends on the type of Prepaid subscription you have (DNA Rajaton Prepaid or DNA Super Prepaid) and/or the type of data package you've purchased. You can check the pricing here (in English) - under 'EU-data fair use quotas with DNA Prepaid subscriptions'.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Thank you, Saara.

    So, if I have already purchased a monthly or weekly unlimited data package in my Super Prepaid sim, I do not need to do anything, right? By the way, do I need to connect to Tele 2 or 3 (Hutchison) manually or does it automatically get connected to your partner network there?

  • Hi!

    If you've already got a data package, you don't have to do anything more for the data to work while abroad. Keep in mind that the price per Mt is charged according to the type of data package you've purchased. More about that here under 'EU-data fair use quotas with DNA Prepaid subscriptions'). You should also make sure that data roaming is enabled in your phone settings in order for data to work while roaming.

    Your phone should automatically connect to available networks while roaming but if you find yourself in an area with multiple available networks and your phone stops working, please make sure that your phone is connected to one of our partner networks (3 (Hutchison) or Tele2).

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • So, only the fair use limit changes based on my subscription?

    If I do not have any package, 140 MB/day with EU baseline fee 0.0057 EUR/MB is available; if I have one-week subscription package, 1070 MB with EU baseline fee 0.0057 EUR/MB is available and if I have a one-month subscription package, 4020 MB with EU baseline fee 0.0057 EUR/MB is available; and for access use, the surcharge rate is applicable. That is what I understand.

    And regarding the app package,
    - I have to pay 0.10 EUR to purchase the package (5 minutes) and again pay 0.0057 EUR/MB up to 20 MB
    - I have to pay 0.30 EUR to purchase the package (30 minutes) and again pay 0.0057 EUR/MB up to 40 MB and so on??

    Thank you.

  • Hi!

    You understood correctly and that is how it works.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Well, back from Stockholm now. And I have a sincere (...) finger respect for your roaming service there.
    I was going there alone and for the first time. And I was not able to use your mobile data. The mobile app always showed connection error when I tried to purchase the packages. Yes, it got connected to a network there and I could make calls but I was not able to load A SINGLE WEB PAGE. (though there was 4G signal displayed)

    Sorry for a quite rude comment. But I hope you can imagine my situation there as I am an international student who came to Europe just 4 months ago and was travelling alone. [That was why I wanted to be sure that it works there before going]
  • Hi!

    I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you had using mobile data in Sweden. Did you check your phone settings to make sure that data roaming was enabled? Did you also have enough balance on your Prepaid to be able to use internet while roaming? There hasn't been any problems with roaming in Sweden so there must have been some problem with your subscription or settings. Did you call DNA Customer Care at 044 144 044 for help while in Sweden?

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • *pictures removed due to featuring personal information
  • Hello Aditya,

    as this is a public support forum, we are unfortunately not able to assist you with this any further. In order to troubleshoot your specific subscription and settings, please contact our Customer Service on 044 144 044 (Mon to Fri 8-18, Sat. 9-16.30).

    Please note we have removed the pictures featuring your personal subscription number.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
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