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Roaming use

I have the SIM card that we buy from R-kioski, so can I use my card when I'm outside in Europe by just turning on the roaming setting??


  • Hi Niina,

    yes, if you have bought a DNA Super Prepaid or a DNA Rajaton Prepaid subscription, then you´ll be able to use the SIM card outside Finland as well. So just turn on the roaming in your phone´s setting. If you want to use mobile data, you can switch to 3G if there's no 4G in the country where you are, and choose the operator manually if the automatic search don't work, and then restart your phone.

    You can check here: what operators we recommend in different countries. For instance if you write "Israel" in the empty field, and choose Liittymän tyyppi "Prepaid", you can see the prices for calling, texting and mobile data, and what operators we recommend.

    Just make sure that you top up the subscription with enough balance before you leave Finland, and the mobile data charge will always be charged from the ordinary balance outside Finland. So datapackages that can be ordered to DNA Super Prepaid subscriptions, include mobile data in Finland.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi, I bought a Rajaton Prepaid subscription in R-kiosk in Finland three days ago, and its a 5 euro plan. I am now in Denmark, but I am not able to use the mobile data. I have turned on data roaming, tried different operators, and restarted my phone. But the data still doesn’t work. What should I do now? Thank you!
  • Hi Cindy,

    it sounds like you perhaps don't have enough ordinary balance for your prepaid subscription. When you have the Rajaton Prepaid type of subscription, you can use mobile data in Finland to the daily fee of 0,89€/day , but mobile data outside Finland is not included in that price. You can top up ordinary balance at the page

    Here you can see that the price for using mobile data in Denmark is 0,0056€/MB, this charge will be deducted from the ordinary balance of your subscription. For DNA prepaid we recommend the operator Telenor in Denmark.

    So please top up your subscription with ordinary balance and enable roaming through your phones settings, choose Telenor as operator and try as well 3G as 4G, and restart the phone just in case after that you manually chose the operator.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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