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Sim Error

Hi, I bought Dna Super pre-paid sim card. I was using it for one day everything was okay. After one day I checked my old sim card with my phone. DNA Super pre-paid sim card was removed from my phone for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes I put sim card back to my phone and my phone was showing that it is error of DNA card. I was thinking that it is problem of my telephone. I checked with other sim cards and it was okay, when I entered Dna Super pre-paid sim card, problem occurred again "sim error". I tried this several times, but still it shows error. Sim card isn't broken or something. So what is the problem and how it can be solved, because sim card isn't working not of my fault.


  • Hi Mindaugas!

    Please try wiping off the SIM chip with a soft cloth, and make sure it is inserted properly. If possible, it would also be good to try your card in another device.

    If you cannot get the card to work, we can switch out the card, but only if the number is registered in your name. The registration can be done at ("Rekisteröi Prepaidliittymäsi"), or in a DNA Kauppa.

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