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Деньги с карты списались,а счёт не пополнился

Добрый день.При пополнении картой виза в дна латури выдало ошибку,баланс не пополнился,а деньги с карты списались.Что делать?


  • It usually gets resolved on its own, and usually gets automatically checked within 24h (during business days), if it still hasn't been resolved after that time, you can contact our customer service on, and provide us with the following information in the email-message:

    • Your prepaid phone number
    • Date and time of the top up
    • Amount
    • Bank account number you used (unless you used Mobilepay)
    • Reference number of the transaction (unless you used Mobilepay)
    • Your bank
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • А куда отправить данные? На какой e-mail ?
  • Hi!

    If you're asking for the email address for DNA customer care, then it's as Linda mentioned:

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant

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