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SMS problem

I have recently visited Austria via flight from Finland and after my return I have found out that I cannot send short messages to any foreign operator like MTS Russia. My sell-phone "sends" a SMS, funds are spend but the recipent never gets such message. From the other hand all SMS directed to local abonents like DNA or other operators are delivered just fine/

How to solve this problem?


  • Hi Evgenii,

    Sorry to hear you are having problems with sending sms.

    I would recommend that you turn on the delivery confirmation on your phone to see, if the sms has actually reached the number you have tried to send it to.

    If you can see in the delivery log that the message has been delivered (toimitettu) and you do not get any error message while sending the sms, the problem is most likely on the recipients side.

    If delivery log states that the sms could not be delivered (ei voi toimittaa) or sending failed (lähetys epäonnistui), try restarting you device and sending the sms again.

  • sms is not sending

  • Hi Manojgupta,

    could you please give a bit more information about what the problem is, like does the phone work normally otherwise, has it worked before, can you not send any messages or is it just a specific number, and so on. The more information we get, the easier it is to narrow down what the problem is and how to solve it.

  • I have encountered with the same problem couple od days ago. The sms,what I send now to Russian phone number,is not delivered. The phone sends a sms, the money is spent, but I don't get the delivery report or any error message. The status of sent sms is "waiting". However, there is no problem with russian numbers when they are under finnish network or finnish numbers.

  • Hi Regina!

    Is this problem with a specific number or with any Russian operator? Please begin by checking that the country code and number is entered correctly, and try again after restarting your phone. If this concerns one number only, please ask the recipient to delete messages and restart their phone. If you are replying to a message, please check if you can send the message when you enter the number as a new message (not using the reply-function). If that works, make sure that your phone is not set to use the same message central when replying.

    If the problem continues, please contact our customer service at 044 144 044 or palvelu(at), providing examples of the problem. What we need is your number, the recipient's number and the date and time when you have tried to send the message. The example cannot be more than 3 days old.

  • I have encountered exactly the same problem! The phone was not sending the messages to MTS operator in Russia.
    I tried calling the DNA support, I was told to wait until the problem is fixed. Not fixed yet, apparently.
    However, today the problem reversed, so the messages I send reach the people who have MTS cell phone operator, but I never get anything from them back.
    I have tried everything I could already.
    Please fix it, it seems to be a common problem for many customers.
    It is extremely inconvenient.

  • Hi Anna!

    If you are now able to send the messages to them alright, it seems like the issue is fixed on our side. Since incoming traffic does not go through our message central, we cannot look into that, I am afraid. Please ask the sender to report the issue to their own operator.

  • Hello, Emma!

    I am sorry, but I would like you to investigate the problem anyhow. How come if the issue is fixed, as you claim, I cannot receive any text messages from the MTS operator now if I was able to do it a couple of days ago?
    Before: I cannot send messages, but can receive.
    After: I can send messages, but cannot receive.
    I cannot call this situation "fixed".
    The issue is not fixed. It just reversed itself. Could you please look into this problem and check if DNA has some ban on this Russian network provider?
    The sender already reported the issue to MTS.

    Best regards,


  • P.S. I apologize if I sound annoyed/unhappy, I do not want to be rude, but this issue is bothering me so much.
    Thank you for being helpful. I would really appreciate if you fixed the issue 😀

  • I understand that, and that the situation is frustrating. I checked with our technical department, and they said there has been a routing issue that has been investigated at the international operator and they have confirmed to us that it is now fixed. Clearly something is still amiss, but again, since the problem is now with incoming traffic, we have no way of investigating it because it doesn't leave any trace in our systems, so to speak. DNA does not have a ban on the network provider at least.

  • Thank you, Emma, for the quick reply..
    I will wait for the reply of the foreign operator then. This issue has been going on for a while...
    I will inform you what their answer will be.

  • Sir,I am not getting notifications on mobile number from facebook when my friends send me when I am not using facebook I am not receiving text on number

  • Hi Igra,

    if you want to be notified about Facebook messages, you need to change those settings yourself in Your Facebook account, as those settings are not bound to your DNA connection.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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