Super Prepaid add-on packages

Normally unlimited domestic 4G data with your Super Prepaid costs €0.99/day, and is deducted from your prepaid balance on the days you use mobile data. Calls and SMS are €0.066/min/pc (MMS 0.356€/pc). 

For more than occasional use, we recommend a more affordable add-on package.

For DNA Super Prepaid users, we offer either data packages OR all-inclusive unlimited add-on packages for domestic calls, SMS and data.

Only one package can be active at one time, and only one additional package can be purchased ahead of time (in queue). When your current add-on package is ending, you'll get notified (with an SMS) 3 days as well as 1 day before. If you do not have another package in queue, the data charges go back to the standard €0.99/day (unless you've installed the Prepaid app, see more below).

You can buy the package of your choice online at If you prefer to use your prepaid balance instead, head to the mobile website (using your mobile data connection).

Please note, that our add-on packages also include a EU/EEA data package. See quotas here:

Please note that the DNA Rajaton Prepaid subscription type already include unlimited domestic calls, text messages and a unlimited domestic 4G/LTE mobile data connection (€0.89/day), and an add-on package is therefore not necessary or possible.

Super Prepaid Add-on packages:

  • Unlimited all-inclusive packages**

    • Rajaton 7 days: €7.90. Unlimited domestic calls, messages* and 4G data (100 Mbit/s)
    • Rajaton 30 days: €24.90. Unlimited domestic calls, messages* and 4G data (100 Mbit/s)

    • Rajaton 90 days: €64.90. Unlimited domestic calls, messages* and 4G data (100 Mbit/s)
*max 3000 min, 300 msgs/day, 500GB. Overuse is charged for normally.

  • Data packages (domestic)**
    • Tehonetti 30 days (100 Mbit/s): €19.90
    • Hypernetti 30 days (300 Mbit/s): €24.90
    • Hypernetti 5G days (400 Mbit/s) €29.90
    • Laitenetti 180 days (DL 0.5 Mbit/s, UL 5 Mbit/s)*: €29.90
*Laitenetti has been designed for devices such as trail cameras. Not suitable for phones/tablets.

DNA Prepaid App

If you only require a data package, another option is our DNA Prepaid app (Android/iOS)! Download the DNA Prepaid app and redeem your free day of internet and enjoy special offers available only in the app. Data plans starting from 5 minutes!

NB! An installed and registered Prepaid app will override the regular 0.99€/day. If you wish to stop using the app and return to using it 0.99€/day or to use your phone with one of the Add-on packages above - please first logout of the app in the settings and then uninstall it.

**All plans that include data have unlimited domestic data transfer. The Data transfer (download) speed depends on the package you choose. Actual speed may vary depending on a number of factors, e.g. device, location and network load.

DNA Linda L Customer Consultant (Updated )
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