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Supply of substandard equipment with unacceptable aftersales service

I purchased a DNA-branded wifi mokkula ZTE MF971V on 20/10/20 from DNA store in Turku at Hansakortteli, with an appropriate DNA data package. The unit started to fail intemittently within two months and eventually failed completely. It did not respond to resets, nor to recharge attempts.

It is most likely that this unit suffered from temperature sensitive internal soldering issues as it switched on just once after being taken to a DNA store in Helsinki on a business trip, in sub-zero temperatures. The staff member did not take onboard my report of the unit being totally unresposive for the previous few days and suggested I was incorrect or untruthful - his customer service skills require training not to cause a loss of earnings to your business.

The 'mokkula' failed completely again within hours.

The following day I decided to return the unit to the DNA store in Turku where it was purchased. This time an exceptionally helpful and professional male staff member implied that there are problems with this product and happily exchanged for another unit, with an apology. I was treated with courtesy and respect as a customer and I my faith in DNA was restored.

However, the second unit charged its battery fully one time only when plugged in to mains power. Since then, the battery will charge to maximum of 70%, no more.

I returned to the store in Turku yesterday, 09/02/20, asking whether these models are unreliable. The staff member I dealt with, Kille, said the following:
"I will check the recharge, it will take several hours or more. Why do you expect it to recharge to 100% in any case?" My response was that when I purchase a new product, the expectation is for it to work to specification and it is under warranty. I also expect the matter to be resolved today, because I do not stay in Turku and I have a considerable drive to my residence. The staffmember would not engage and it was purely through my suggestion that he sends a message to my British mobile number for me to return to the store. "It will take how long it takes" was his response.

I rang DNA customer service and was helped by a delighful and professional operator who took down the details - she also was to send an email to the Turku store manager.

I am still waiting for communication from DNA Hansakortteli, Turku.

I made the assumption that DNA is a professional service provider, who could be relied upon to conduct my business communications abroad whilst in Finland. However, the variability of staff conduct is unacceptable in the business environment of today - it is not acceptable to treat customers with arrogance and disregard to their urgent business needs - the attitude is distinctly East European from a long time ago. The international aviation concern I am connected with has 30 000 staff across the globe and does considerable business with the flag carrier airline of Finland.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

T-P Bergman


  • Hi T-P,

    sorry to hear about the inconvenience in this matter and the trouble this has caused you.

    This is a public online forum so we cannot handle private customer matters here, but you write that you already contacted DNA Customer service and you talked to someone who took down the details and that she sent an e-mail to the store manager. In that case I am sure that the matter will be handled and I also hope you´ll be contacted as well when the matter has been handled.

    But if you would have any further questions about your case or if the reply would be delayed , I kindly ask you to contact DNA Customer Care, you can send this same message to the e-mail address or call 044 144 044, and there can be put forward another request about your case.

    I wish you a pleasant day despite of this.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Conclusion.

    * I received a text message from the store confirming the fault.
    * The failure was of course instantly recognisable - when the item was brought in it would not recharge - so it is doubtful that 'an investigation' was necessary to determine faulty equipment. Swapping modems is not a hobby that I have time to engage in.
    * I requested to be contacted the same day as I do not stay in Turku, necessitating a drive of an hour to the store. I need a secure internet connection for work, public wifi in hotels with inherent security concerns, is not suitable. GSM-based connection is.
    * The text was not sent until the following afternoon, around 3:30pm, too late for collection. That sends a very clear message about the unyielding and uncaring attitude towards customer needs of DNA, considering my clear request. The big picture is missing from this particular business - the customer will do as told, at the convenience of the store.
    * Luckily I obtained another device & connection from a competitor immediately after my initial exposure to DNA Hansakortteli Turku - this proved wise due business travel commitments to Helsinki the following day.
    * I returned to the store yesterday to collect a new modem. No apologies, explanations or any sign of interest from the store manager - truly unimaginable to anybody dealing in business today - regardless whether the stores are franchises or wholly owned by DNA.
    * The exploratory business trip that brought me to Finland will be over shortly. In the future should a tender be put out for bidding for corporate communications in this country, I will not recommend dealings with DNA Finland.

  • Hi T-P,

    I am sad to hear about the bad experiences. Bad experiences are not easily forgotten and I understand your disappointment. Once again apologizes for the trouble this caused you.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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