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The new DNA TV – Questions and answers

What is DNA TV?

DNA TV covers all your TV needs. With the DNA TV app, you can watch TV programs on your smart phone or tablet wherever and whenever you want. If you subscribe to a channel package, you can also watch some of those channels live in the app.

With the TV card, you get more to watch: HD channels, a new channel of the month every month and the game of the month.

Because DNA TV is TV just for you, you can add on services as needed:

  • with the DNA TV recording option, you get 4000 hours of recording storage space. Record your favorite shows and watch them whenever you want
  • the SF Anytime video rental service is available with a DNA TV set top box, with access to thousands of movies without even leaving your couch
  • during April, the C More Play content library will be launched for subscribers of MTV Total and C More Film channel packages. Hundreds of movies and whole seasons of popular TV series are available to you whenever it suits you on your smart phone, tablet or set top box

The name DNA Welho Viihde changes to DNA TV. How does that affect my service?

Your service – DNA TV, broadband or channel package - will continue the same, regardless of the name change. Your invoice will still be sent by DNA Welho Ltd, but the design is DNA’s new pink one.

How does the change affect the price of my services?

DNA is streamlining the brand names of DNA TV, channel packages and broadband services. The name change does not affect the prices, however, so your current service will continue at the same price.

What new do I get out of DNA TV?

MatkaTV is now called DNA TV and the design has been updated. There are now 2000 more hours of storage space, totaling 4000 hours, so you can record up to 2000 hours of 2 hour movies. You can also still watch live streams on your smart phone or tablet, including some payable channels.

Now you can use the same TV card to watch the channels you subscribe to in different places. The same TV card will work both in the terrestrial and cable network. During the month of April, the content library C More Play will be launched for subscribers of MTV Total and C More Film. The content library gives you access to hundreds of movies and whole seasons of popular TV series whenever you want on your smart phone, tablet or set top box.

Does DNA TV work in the terrestrial network as well?

Yes. The same TV card now works both for cable and terrestrial television, so you can e.g. take the card from your home to the cabin, if there is terrestrial television coverage. You can also watch programs in the DNA TV app on the road or at the cabin.

I subscribe to DNA Welho MatkaTV. Will the recording option be removed from the current MatkaTV?

Quite the contrary; there is twice the storage space, with 4000 hours per username. If you have a TV card, though, updating to DNA TV is beneficial, as you will get better services for a cheaper price.

Will my current MatkaTV recordings disappear if I do not update my current MatkaTV subscription to DNA TV with the recording option?

Your recordings will remain intact, if you keep your current subscription or update to DNA TV with the recording option. For new orders, the recording option is an add-on service, which you can order separately for three euros per month. For that, you get 4000 hours of recording storage space. Additionally, the price is considerably cheaper for customers who have previously had both MatkaTV and a TV card.

The channel of the month is included in DNA TV – does that mean it is available in the DNA TV app?

The channel of the month is a part of DNA TV, and can be viewed with the TV card. It is not available in the app. The game of the month is still aired in the DNA TV app as well.


  • I've got a new DNA card with Mix-8 today, i put this card into box and turned on tv but the channels don't work. Is there something i have to do to get these channels? Like make a new search? And if yes, what is PIN for this and where i can fins it?

  • Hello Anna.

    Factory reset your digibox, new channel search and leave one of the chosen Mix-8 channels open for a while, if this doesn't help please contact our customer service at 044 144 044.


  • Hi, I have downloaded the DNA tv app on my iPad and bought some days ago a DNA card for an 8mix including cirkus- now the page is asking me for a PIN, where do I find that to watch the tv programs on my iPad?
  • Hi Maria,

    the PIN-code can be found at the self-service point After registering/signing in you can find it under the DNA TV-order on the page.


  • Dear Jan,
    The link you sent is for a Finnish language page which I  do not understand (as basically everybody in this english speaking forum. Can you please provide me with an English language page, or perhaps a step by step explanation to guide me through that page so I get the service I am paying already for? That's would be great. Thanks, Maria

  • Hi Maria,

    please follow these instructions:

    1. Open the page . Choose "Luo DNA Tunnus" and  "Luo Tunnus". Identify yourself with your finnish personal bank account codes. Create a username (käyttäjätunnus) and a password (salasana) with at least 8 digits, big letters, small letters and some numbers.  You need to tag the field "olen lukenut ja hyväksyn käyttöehdot " here as well, in that way you accept the terms and conditions of the service. Press "Valmis".  Once this is done, you´ll get an e-mail; please activate your username by clicking on the link in the e-mail you received. It says in finnish "Aktivoi tunnuksesi tätä linkkiä klikkaamalla" and there´s the link below.

    2. Sign in to the self- service point, choose Kirjaudu DNA Tunnuksella.  Now on the left side, you will see a header "Tästä osiosta löydät mm.DNA TV:n ja kanavapaketit, kiinteän laajakaistan ...." so click "Siirry palveluiden hallintaan" below that header. Now  you should be able to see your Osto - PIN code directly at this page below DNA TV -> and Tuotetiedot. If you want to change your Osto- PIN code there, just press the "Vaihda" button.

    I hope this advice was helpful.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
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