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The new package is not activated when the previous one is used up

I ordered a new internet package when my previous internet package was still active. My old Internet package is over, and the new one is not activated.

In the package selection menu, the system writes the following message: "You already have an active and a queuing package. You cannot order more packages"

How to activate a new package?


  • Hi!

    If the previous package is no longer active but the new package has not yet been activated, the first thing you should do is restart your phone. Completely power off your phone and power it back on. After this try using the data as that should activate the package.

    If the new package still does not activate, please give DNA customer care a call on 044 144 044 so that we can take a closer look at your subscription. You should not give out any personal information such as your phone number here as this is a public forum. By calling customer care we'll be able to help you solve this issue.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Hi!
    I rebooted my phone. It helped me. Thanks!
  • Hi Viacheslav,

    so glad to hear tha it helped. Have a great Autumn!
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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