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Time settings and time servers


A few days ago I bought the Huawei B-715s-23c router. I logged into the router's webportal to configure everything properly, however I was not able to set the right time zone for me. The current time is always 1970-01-01. The Default Settings for the Primary NTP Server was and the default for the secondary NTP Server. I also set my local time Zone to GMT+01:00 (Amsterdam, Berlin, … Vienna and so on) which is the right zone for me. Can you please tell me what is wrong because the system does not show the right time. The first thing I did when I logged in, was to perform an update to the most current version… But it did not help.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Sascha,

    you can try the NTP server You can find information about this here: Also try to reset your Kotimokkula by pressing down the reset button for 30 seconds, and then restart it. I hope this might be helpful.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hello Linda,

    thank you very much for your suggestions. So, first I tried to reset the router which unfortunately did not solve my time setting problem. I now put in a time server nearby my location which is (primary ntp server) as well as (secondary ntp server). I then restarted my router but there is also no change at all...
    By the way, is it possible to download (somewhere) another version of the Web UI for my router? At the moment, I am using version Do you know whether there are newer versions of the web gui I could install/use? The current firmware version is Trying to perform a local update is not possible too because the system tells me that I am already using the most current version of it. The languages supported by the web ui I am using are Suomi, Svenska and English. Do you have a German web Portal that I might install?

    Thank you!

  • Hi Sascha,

    we don't offer any other versions of the Web UI available and there's no German web portal either.
    If you would need more device-specific support than what we can give here from DNA customer care, you can also contact HS Works and perhaps they could advice you further.
    Have a lovely day!
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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