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Top up voucher

Hi i just bought a top up voucher of 20 euros but I realise I do not need to top up so much. Would it be possible to split the top up into 2 vouchers of 10 euros each? Otherwise would it be possible for me to refund the voucher and then purchase again? Thank you


  • Hello!

    Unfortunately nothing of this is possible from our part, it is maybe possible to get a refund at the store where you purchased the voucher so i suggest you ask them about the matter.


  • hi thanks for your reply.
    I would like to ask then if I top up too much money in my account is it possible to get back the money or how else can I use the excess money I no longer need?

  • Hello!

    Unfortunately no refunds are done to prepaid subscriptions, you will either need to leave the remaining money on the subscription or try to find something you can spend it on.


  • Hello, what are the possible places that I can spend the money on?

  • Hello!

    Well, e.g. calls/SMS, internet to name a few.


  • oh but I received an sms previously from DNA about how we can use the top up balance to pay for non digital produces such as drinks and snack items. How can I go about using this balance to pay for these products and where can I purchase this products from? Thanks

  • Prepaid cards can now be used for payment services as well, but we do not have a list of all providers that you can buy those from or anything. An example of a service like this is vending machines, which may have the option of paying with your mobile phone instead of putting money in. When that option is available, there will be information on the spot about how to do it.

  • helo,

    im using a voucher for reloading within finland but now im outside finland for example denmark im trying to reload via voucher reload but its not working in denmark,, do i ned some special number or some kind of prefix number to reload in other couuntry,,,,
    ex *120#12345000# THANKS...

  • I have been trying unsuccessfully to top up my credit by paying with my visa but the transaction keeps failing. I bought the prepaid sim in Finland, and I am currently in Sweden. If I cannot pay online with my visa can I purchase a top up voucher online instead??
  • Hello Allegra,

    top up vouchers can unfortunately only be purchased locally in Finland at R-Kioski, Post offices and DNA Kauppa stores. If you already have a voucher, it may be redeemed even when abroad.

    If you have a credit card issued in Europe (or a few other countries), you can top up your balance at (also make sure you've activated Verified by Visa 3DSecure, contact your card provider for more details). Please note you cannot use a credit card issued in US/Canada.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Hi, I have a question, now I am in Poland but I have dna mobile, how I need top up it, Wich operators from Poland working with DNA mobile? Or how to find solutions?
  • Hi Dima!

    You can top-up you DNA Prepaid subscription online at You can use Visa/MasterCard, just as long as they were issued in Europe, or Finnish internet banking. Find more information about top-ups here The operators working with DNA in Poland are Play and Orange. You can find more information about EU-roaming here (in English)

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Hello,

    I bought in K Market a Top Up Voucher.
    I wrote my number phone, the top up code and the control code. There is no error, i controlated.

    Top up failed and they asked me to contact you.

    Help me plz,

  • Hi Etienne!

    I'm sorry to hear about this issue with your top-up. Did you do the top-up through the top-up page ? If there was no error with the numbers, then another option is that it's the wrong type of top-up card. There are two different DNA Prepaid subscriptions - DNA Super Prepaid and DNA Rajaton Prepaid. It's important to buy the correct type of top-up voucher for it to work with your DNA Prepaid subscription.

    DNA Super Prepaid means that it doesn't include any minutes, SMS or data and you top-up credit to your card to be able to make calls, send SMS or buy data packages. You can also use the topped-up credit to purchase a package that includes minutes, SMS and data.

    DNA Rajaton Prepaid means that there is a daily charge of 0,89€ and you can only top-up credit to it, you cannot buy any packages as the DNA Rajaton Prepaid already includes normal priced domestic phone calls, SMS and data unlimited for the daily charge of 0,89€.

    It is important to check what kind of top-up card you have purchased to see if it's suitable for your prepaid. Please contact DNA Customer Care at 044 144 044 or via email or visit any DNA Kauppa (DNA Shop) so that we can take a closer look at this issue. You can check the DNA Shops in your area here by writing your address in 'Hae osoite tai kaupunki' (search for address or city) and you'll see all the DNA Shops in your area on the right-hand side of the page.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Hello.
    I bought a top-up voucher, entered it using the application DNA prepaid, the top-up was successful, it is indicated in the top-up history, but the amount on the account has not increased. What could be the problem?
  • Hi!

    I hope this issue has already been sorted out or it fixed itself but if not, please give DNA Customer Care a call at +35844 144 044 so that we can take a closer look at your subscription. We urge you not to give out any personal information here such as your phone number as this is a public forum but if you call us or even send us an email at we'll be able to look into this further.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant

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