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Transferring a DNA Rajaton Prepaid number

I have a DNA Rajaton Prepaid number. I would like to transfer this to another service provider and start a monthly contract with them. Can you please explain the required steps?
Thank you


  • Hello,

    we're sad to hear you want to stop using DNA.

    Other operators may or may not accept the porting of a number that is attached to a prepaid subscription as you haven't actually made a contract for that number. It didn't used to be possible at all, but we recommend you check updated information on this this with the new operator.

    As a first step, you need to register the prepaid-number in your name (otherwise it's anonymous and definitely cannot be ported). Please see how to do that here:

    We used to have the option of transferring a registered DNA prepaid into a normal DNA postpaid subscription (making it a normal subscription that can be ported anywhere), but that is currently not in use (though may come back eventually).

    Please also note that if you want to start using a postpaid subscription, you will need to go through a credit history check (eg. having permanent residency for at least one year).
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Thank you for your answer. The number is already regIstered.

    If i understand correctly:
    - the DNA prepaid number cannot be transferred to a DNA contract (=postpaid)
    - the only way of transferring the DNA prepaid number out is if the other carrier accepts the porting of prepaid numbers. Can you advise which carriers may accept this, if you know?
    Finally, what is the credit check? Does it check for negative points? I am new to this country and I am not sure what this involves.
    Thank you

  • Exactly, currently a prepaid DNA subscription cannot directly be changed into a postpaid DNA subscription, even if it's registered.

    We cannot say for certain if any operator will accept the prepaid number. The two other big telecom operators are Elisa and Telia, and you can for example not transfer their basic prepaid subscription numbers to any other operator. The best place to check if they will accept it, is with the receiving operator.

    When a person buy's something on credit or order a subscription of some kind (i.e. postpaid/invoiced after the service has already been provided), the seller (the company) checks that person's credit history to see if they are eligible and have not defaulted on any payments. The Finnish credit history also has to generally be at least one year old. If you're not eligible, you cannot buy on credit and you cannot order a postpaid subscription.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant

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