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TV connection and internet

We have a Cisco EPC3828D modem, internet connects and disconnects several times a minute even with ethernet cable. Also with the data and tv connector the TV picture is horrible. I connected the TV cable directly to the wall and the picture was fine. What can I do about these problems?


  • Hello Jerry!

    Sorry to hear about these issues.

    Most likely it's the data and tv connector that needs to be replaced if the picture is fine when you have the cable directly to the wall. I would suggest you visit one of our stores DNA Kauppa and take the connector with you.


  • Will that help with the internet problems?

  • If your TV cable and internet cable is going through an adapter/connector into the wall then most likely, yes. If you want you could give us a call at 044144044 so we can check that there is nothing else causing this issue.


  • I have also same problem with Wifi Connectivity. an adapter/connector is using for TV and data connection internet problem happened even I have 200 Mbps speed.
    I am looking for the solution for stability of internet speed.
  • If you're having problems with your cable internet splitter, then you should replace that part. You can also try replacing the coaxial antennae cable. Both of these things are available in most places that sell TV's.

    If you have DNA cable-TV at home and you're experiencing problems even when connecting eg. the TV directly to the TV socket, then please contact us on 0800 300 500 (24/7) and we'll troubleshoot the problem together.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant

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