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I will travel to USA for 5 days (November 5th to 10th) , how much would it cost me to get data there? how do I get it?.
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  • Data transfer outside of the EU costs a lot more and you are charged per megabyte.

    For our postpaid customers, we offer an affordable DNA Reissudata -package (travel data) with 1 GB of data for €19.90. Please see this page for more information:

    You can see all normal prices abroad here:

    If you're going to be in the US, please choose "Yhdysvallat" for US in the first input field. The other field asks what country you're calling to, but if you're only interested in the internet charge, you can select any country eg. "Suomi" for Finland.

    In the USA, internet usage costs is normally €0.149/MB (in addition to the normal internet access charges for prepaid subscription). The default data roaming limit on a subscription is €60/month, which only covers about 400 MB. You can change this limit via our customer service (postpaid) or via (prepaid).

    If you have a postpaid subscription, we recommend that you choose the DNA Reissudata-package, and if you have a prepaid subscription, please consider turning off your mobile data if you want to avoid using up your balance fairly quickly.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Hei, minulla on DNA:n puhelinliittymä työpaikan kautta. Voinko ottaa tuon DNA reissudata-paketin silti käyttöön edellä kuvaamallanne tavalla? Vai onko kyse siitä vain, että tällöin kustannukset liittymästä ohjautuvat alkuperäisen liittymän omistajalle, eli työnantajalleni.

    In Eng: I have a postpaid subscription paid, owned and managed by my employer. Can use and take the Reissudata-package in use as described above? Or is it only so that that the costs of the Reissudata Package usage is in this case forwarded to the owner of the account, i.e. my employer?
    Hannu Morottaja
  • Hi Hannu!

    This online - discussion forum is for consumer customers, so if the subscription you want to ask about is owned by a company and is registered for a company ID, I recommend that you could check this with the DNA Business Customer Care; by calling 044 144 099 or sending an e-mail to; .

    However, I found this link: for business customers, so I hope this link also might be helpful for you.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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