USSD code

What USSD codes I can use for my DNA subscription? are they work for both prepaid cards and postpaid cards?


  • Hi XIN!

    You can find this information at Choose the subscription type at first , postpaid ( laskutusliittymä) or prepaid. Search information about the country in question (e.g Germany .> then you write "Saksa" in finnish in the field "Maa, jossa käytän puhelinta")  The operator type ( Operaattorityyppi) is USSD if you can use the USSD code. If USSD is not mentioned as operator type, you can only call as usual with the country prefix. If USSD is available according to the list at and for the operator your are using, the USSD code is *140*number#. So if the finnish phone number would be 0441234567 , you would dial *140*358441234567#
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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