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Viasat Golf-Golf The Masters

When I signed the contract through your sale office in Itakeskus, the salesperson informed me that most of the golf tournament will be shown on Viasat golf channels. Now I found our that the PGA tours are shown on MTV and today the Masters are shown on Nelonen. I am very disappointed with the wrong information I was given. This is not the first incorrect info I have been given. The same sales person told me Premier football will be shown at Viasat channels. Then I found out it will be shown next year.

Your salespeople need to be more trained to offer correct information to customers and not to mislead them.

I need to watch the Masters and ask you to open for me the nelonen channel for one week as good gesture from your side

edit. 8.4.2016 / Social security number removed /DNA Ida T


  • Hello!

    Sorry to hear about this problem.

    Due to security reasons your customer details have been removed because of this being a public forum.

    Can you please send us this same message asap. with your customer details to us at or call us at 044144044 so we can check what can be done about the situation.


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