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Wbox HD3 Issue


It's a few days now that I bought a warranty checked Wbox HD3 from dna's online shop and i have connected my Seagate Free agent go 250gb usb2 external HDD, the device's firmware is the latest but i have an issue with making recordings, although HDD has been formated by the box and it says it is compatible, but sometimes box reboots itself automatically and then some recordings are missing.
Also, when box is turned on there isn't any problem with recording but if it's on standby mode then at some time the box will reboot itself and recordings will vanish.
What should i do?
Can i return the box?


  • Hello!

    Sorry to hear about this problem.

    If a factory reset does not stop the box from rebooting i would advise you to take the box with you to a DNA store so they can have a look at it.


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