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Well done DNA!

This is not really a question that needs answers.
I was checking out the DNA web shop for the new Apple Watch and I had some questions regarding payment and delivery. So I called DNA sales service.
Hannes from DNA Kauppa CC Jyväskylä answered my call.
He was extremely patient and helpful. I never felt he was trying to fob me off, not for a second. Besides giving answers to my questions based on the available information, he went the extra mile to look for discounts and subscription plans in my best interest.
It's usually the dissatisfied or angry customers who leave feedbacks. Yet here I am, writing down there words to tell everyone that I'm a happy customer, thanks to Hannes.


  • Thank you for the nice feedback!

    I'll make sure to forward this to Hannes 😀

    Best regards,
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant

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