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What are the call charges to European Countries?

What are the call charges on Super Prepaid while calling from Finland to other European countries?
I have the Unlimited pack active on my number will calls be covered under this?


  • Hi Arindam,

    you can find the prices for calling from Finland to other countries here: . ( Instructions: at "Maa jossa käytän puhelinta", choose Suomi / Finland and "Maa johon soitan", choose the country that you want to call and choose "Liittymän tyyppi": prepaid, and you will see the price.)
    For instance when you choose calling from Finland to Italy with a prepaid, the price is 0,235€/min.

    You can find the DNA Super Prepaid pricelist here: ; and here you can also see that calling other EU countries ( Ulkomaanpuhelut EU alueille) is 0,235€/min and calling countries outside EU ( Muut ulkomaanpuhelut) is 0,09€/min + the charge for calling that specific country, which you as I mentioned can check here

    If you have ordered the Unlimited ( Rajaton ) package to your Super Prepaid, calls from Finland to other countries are not included in that unlimited package. For calls from Finland to other countries, there is always charged according to the international call pricelist that is mentioned here.

    I hope this answer was helpful. I wish you a great day!
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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