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What kind of cables do I need to work with TV-Datajako?

On the wall I have 3 coaxial cable sockets: radio, TV, unnamed. So far I was using only internet. DNA Sagemcom modem was plugged in the unnamed socket with the cable I got from DNA. It is working well.
Now, I would like to connect television as well and also take the TV and DNA modem further away from the wall socket.
I got a DNA TV-Datajako. My question is, how to connect it? What kind of cables to use?

I bought a regular male-female coaxial cable. The female end I plugged in the wall "TV" socket and the male end into the Datajako. Then I connected the Modem with its on cable into the Data connector on the Datajako. But this way internet does not work.

Can you please advise?


  • Hello Bill,

    a lot of homes still only have a cable-TV (and Radio) outlet, and you would therefore normally need to split the TV-cable signal with a splitter (datajako).

    However, if you have a designated data outlet (that is separate from the TV-outlet), you should not use a splitter.

    Simply connect your TV to the TV outlet using a coaxial cable, and keep the modem connected to the (unnamed) data outlet.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Kiitos paljon!

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