Registering your DNA Prepaid number

If you have registered your Prepaid number in your name, you can:

  • exchange your SIM card while keeping the same subscription, balance and phone number
  • retrieve your PUK code
  • temporarily suspend the subscription if the phone is lost/stolen
  • manage restrictions for data usage and premium numbers
  • answering machine (voicemail), call forwarding
  • check your balance via the self-service

NB! Please note that registering a Prepaid doesn't prevent the subscription from deactivating if you wait too long between top ups.

How to register an active prepaid subscription:


You can register your Prepaid number in our DNA Kauppa stores. For this you will need:
  • a Finnish personal identity code (or business ID) and a Finnish ID-card
  • the Prepaid phone number
  • the PUK1-code from the starter package
  • your permanent Finnish address (or post box)


Registering online is out of service at the moment due to some system changes and upgrades. Please register at a DNA Kauppa store instead (see above).

DNA Linda L Customer Consultant (Updated )
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