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Your wifi is very slow and terrible

Your wifi was always terrible to begin with. our TV is constantly buffering and we cant enjoy HD 1080P films without buffering. Our TV supports 4K but your wifi cant handle 4K footage. And our electronics (4 computers, 4 phones, 2 tablets.) say they are getting very good wifi (6MB for an electronic and our plan is 100MB.) But when i watch 720P on my phone i will get average 2-3 buffer's on a single 10 minute video.
I used to live in america and there we had a wifi company known as Zyxel (I beilive it is here aswell) were we had a 100MB plan and about 5 total electronics and it rarely buffered. We wish to know what is the reason. (im suspecting because the north may not have many satellites and dishes) but then i see public places such as parks and malls have excellent Wifi. (Valkea - around 200 people - wifi statistics- 4MB that is real.)

Please contact as soon as possible.

The result below shows me having excellent wifi.
Yet it takes more than 3 seconds to open a page.

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  • Also i am surprised that the day we upgraded from our 10MB plan to our 100MB plan it showed no difference. If anything we may have decreased. We do know we have alot of electronics for a family.
  • Hi!

    I'm sorry to hear about this issue you're experiencing with your WiFi connection. The picture does indeed make clear that the speed of the internet is not the issue here. With that kind of speed there won't be any buffering on any type of streaming services, movies or videos. The issue seems to be with the WiFi connection as you suggested. WiFi is a device specific internal network and as such does not have anything to do with the external network (which brings the internet to your WiFi device).

    You mentioned Zyxel that you had in America and yes, this device has at least been available for purchase in Finland as well, don't know if it still is. But the WiFi connection whether poor or not, depends only on the device you're using. Do you know the age of the WiFi device you're using? If it's old, the poor connection might just be because of that but if it's new, there is more than likely something wrong with the WiFi device if the WiFi connection works poorly on all devices. Have you tried the wired connection yet? Testing the wired connection whenever possible is important to do because if the pages load faster and videos stop buffering, meaning that the wired connection provides well working internet connection, then the problem is with the WiFi side of things.

    You might have already tried this but if you haven't, please try using the internet connection through the WiFi network with only one device at a time and if you have access to both WiFi frequencies, try both of them as well. The connection strength and speed can vary between the 2G and 5G frequencies (WiFi frequencies). This way you'll be able to see if it's the amount of devices using the same WiFi connection that causes the issue. Have you also tried resetting your WiFi device by pressing down the reset button for 30 seconds? If you haven't done the reset yet, please give it a try as a lot of the times the device is just jammed in some way and the reset brings it back to normal functionality. 

    If you'd like to discuss this further or need any more guidance, please contact DNA Customer Care at 044 144 044 or via email at

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Hi, Saara

    Unfortunately none of my device's would be considered "old".The device i'm using right now is a laptop from 2018, and my phone (Galaxy J4+) is from mid-2018.
    So i do not think its from my devices being old. however i did have a computer before this laptop that is from early 2000-2010 i believe. But it did not seem to have many problems at the time i was using it. However it did not support WiFi so i had to buy a disc and USB. Could that affect why my old computer didnt have WiFi problems as you said older electronics could have. I reopened that old computer recently and i have seen the WiFi on it be terrible. I have tried ressetting the wifi once or twice.
    Also sometimes when we unplug our router and re-plug it we hope the wifi strength increases and sometimes it does but sometimes it decreases and other times the wifi just decides to have a mind of itself and stop working for over 12 hours before it has had its fun and returns to let us enjoy a bit of WiFi.

    Also some of the WiFi weakens down so much in some parts of the house. My laptop in this room im writing in have alright wifi.(Lately not that much.) but my phone in the same room has 1/4 of the strength of WiFi my laptop has.

    Do you recommend a router in the middle of the house or just 2 separate router's for (4 computers, 4 phones, 2 tablets.)

    Reply soon,
    Sincerely- Malek Elgabli
  • Also does the server im connected to have an affect or a part in my WiFi being slow?
    As shown in the post.
  • Hi!

    If the WiFi connection was poor with only one device (phone, laptop, tablet) then the device would be to blame for the issue. But as you mentioned, the WiFi connection is poor with many devices even though the speed is fine (picture in your first post). When the issue is with multiple devices, it's the WiFi device (router/modem) that causes the problem. Do you know the age of your WiFi device (router/modem)? If it's less than 2 years, there will still be warranty on it and you should take it in to be serviced. If it was bought from DNA, you can take the WiFi device (router/modem) to the nearest DNA Kauppa (DNA shop). You can find the nearest DNA Kauppa here just write your city in the box that says "Hae".

    You didn't mention if you had tried the wired connection yet. If the issue is only with the WiFi connection and not the internet connection, then the WiFi device (router/modem) should be serviced or a new one bought to replace the faulty one. The picture you had in your first post suggests that the problem is not with the internet connection but purely with the WiFi.

    If you have a big house, it's possible that the WiFi network from your router or modem doesn't carry to every room. In that case it's always best to reposition the WiFi device somewhere more central. If the WiFi still doesn't carry to all corners of the house, then you need to look at getting something like Google WiFi or a stronger WiFi device (router/modem). If the WiFi works better outside of the server you're using, then yes, the server can contribute to the issue.

    All in all, the issue seems to be with your WiFi device (router/modem) and not the internet connection. When the problem is purely with your WiFi device, there is nothing we can do about it here. You can always order a service call from DNA to your house and during the service call the issue will be found out and fixed (unless the issue if your WiFi device). Keep in mind that there is a 55€ payment for the service call if the issue is purely with your WiFi device (router/modem) and that's the reason why it's important to check the wired connection to make sure that the actual internet connection is working fine and the problem is purely with the WiFi network. The picture in your first post says that the internet connection is fine, so it should work without any problems with the wired connection. You don't have to use a wired connection but it's good to test it out before ordering the service call.

    Please give DNA Customer Care a call at 044 144 044 if you'd like to discuss the possibility of a service call further.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Your wifi is terrible. I can't stand it any more. I pay almost 30e per month and look what I get. This is in a normal weekday at 11pm where it should be fast. However, I always get maximum about 5Mb to 10Mb even though in the contract, it says 200Mb package. Shame on you DNA. Does anyone know how I can contact ombudsman about this?

  • Hi Phi van Ngoc,

    please contact DNA Customer Care 044 144 044 for trouble shooting, so that this issue can be checked out thoroughly. Please test before that, if possible, what speeds you reach up to with wired connection ( when your lap top is connected with a cable to your modem) and test the speed at This way it would at first clear, if the trouble shooting should be continued just for the wifi in your router, or the internet connection itself. It would also be important to check in this case what kind of modem/router you are using and also how the wifi works with other devices (if you have a tablet / laptop / TV.

    So please don´t hesitate to contact DNA customer care in this matter so the trouble shooting can be made for your internet subscription and hopefully the problem could be located and solved. ( This is a public online page so unfortunately the troubleshooting for a specific connection cannot be done here.)
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Thanks for your comment! I've tried both wired & wireless connection and there is basically no difference at all. Also, putting the modem/router in different locations within the house doesn't help either as the router shows strong signal (3 bars). I'm very deeply disappointed with DNA service. I've been using your service for many years and normally everything is good, even better than that of other operators. However, things seem to deteriorate as time goes by recently (last couple of years as I've noticed). Even for the same connection that I'm using now, it seemed to be pretty fast at the beginning but then it started to slow down for no reasons. I'll contact customer service and if thing doesn't improve, I'll have to switch the operator (I've done it once to Elisa and it sucks as well, welcome to Finland 🙁 ).
  • Hi Phi Van Ngoc

    sorry the hear about the problems, but yes, please contact customer care. I wish you a great day despite of the current situation.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • I too am one more extremely disappointed DNA customer, living in the area of Uusikaupunki. I have been a client for 4+ years and have always paid on time and my WiFi service has been declining steadily. Nowadays, the max download speed I get is no more than 1 - 2 Mbps and during peak hours 0,4 - 0,7 Mbps. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! I had faster speeds 20 years ago! Here is a raw example: It took me approx 36 hours straight to download Cyberpunk 2077 for the PC, on 12.12.2020 @ 0,4 - 1,2Mbps/sec.

    I have changed my WiFi router from the original ZTE MF286 to a more modern TP-Link Archer MR600, I have tried 3 VPN services, I have walked around the house time and again trying to get the best spot, I have tried all sort of speed hacks, tips, tricks and other BS from the generic internet "gurus", I have contacted DNA customer support via email between 31.7 - 2.8.2020 and the service is just getting worse! The answers I got from DNA were: "Crowded cell tower", "your router for some reason locks on to 2 towers", "There is no short term solution to fix the problem", blah, blah, blah. NOBODY in 2021 should have to wait 3 - 5 seconds to open a Google page or have to pause Twitch.TV to open Steam hoping that nothing crashes, or have to watch the buffering notification instead of their favorite series / movies...

    What is really outrageous is that DNA, Elisa and Telia sell WiFi internet packages promising 4G, 4G+ and even 5G. None of these network types is functional yet, fully. Only 3G works properly. Where are the speeds of 100 - 150Mbps and faster that we the clients where promised? Why are we paying 30e/ month for a service that never, NEVER works?! Why?!

    Stop lying to people! Stop promising gold and selling lead! Be honest, explain the situation and do a thorough research on the client's area before you sell your products! Honesty goes a long way and the customer will return.

    DNA does what all ISPs do: Maximum number of clients with the bare minimum of infrastructure. Moreover, the money goes to development in major cities namely Helsinki, Turku and i guess Tampere too. There is also the fact of "Network Throttling" so basically it doesn't matter what kind of contract you have, you will never get the full speed you signed up for especially on WiFi. Even VPNs cant counter this, yet.

    Unfortunately though, at least in the area of Uusikaupunki, the problem is 2-fold: Its not only the lack of infrastructure or proper resource investment but here we have to deal with the local "Internet Gangsters", the Vakka-Suomen Puhelin or VSP, who own all the lines and block out the 3 main Finnish ISPs. So to be fair DNA is not fully to blame for the '90s primitive internet quality. I repeat myself, I know only about the town I live in.

    I honestly dont know what to do anymore. Should I stay or should I go, from DNA? I will have the same problems with Elisa and Telia. At least DNA has the better signal connectivity of the 3 ISPs in Uki area and uses English on their website and customer support unlike numerous other anti-English services in Finland...

    What really hurts me is that after 4 years, DNA would not even bat an eye if I cancelled my contact, they wouldnt ask why, no feedback, nothing and my fees have all but gone up every year. ISPs and phone companies internationally are like banks: They always win, financially and legally. There is nothing I can do except complain online and my comment will eventually be lost in the endless sea of electronic posts.

    DNA, please dont wish me a nice day. If you can find it in your heart, please give me my 15 Mbps that I dream of. Hell, at this point I would settle for 5 Mbps...

  • Sorry to hear about that. I stopped using DNA 4G for a couple of months already and switched to using Elisa wired connection and it works perfectly now (I have 100Mb package and I got that maybe 95% of time and lowest I got is 60). I recommend you to switch if you can. I would never use DNA 4G again.
  • Hi Michael,

    I am truly sorry to hear about the inconvenience in this matter and it is too bad that even though you contacted DNA Customer Care, there could not be found any immediate solution. If there would be challenges with the speed at some specific area and the customer is contacting us regarding that issue, the issue can be reported to the network planning and there will be checked when and if basestation can be improved, capacity added etc. (if the reason would be e.g. crowded cell tower, as you wrote) so that there would come some improvement in the future. So it is always good to contact the DNA Customer Care regarding speed issues if own trouble shooting has not helped. Even if there would not come any immediate change then at least it can be reported and hopefully improvements might come a bit later.

    We are continually improving basestations in the country every week and you can se updates here: where we currently are improving basestations.
    Here is the whole list for this week:

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • So Linda, how about a discount? Lets say 70% off my monthly internet fees until DNA plans, "resolves" the issues and/or upgrades in the "future" etc.

    How about a free visit from a technician to my home to check what is going on here? Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

    Or is it OK that I continue paying 29,90e/month for a service I don't get?
  • Hi Michael,

    since this is a public online page, we cannot discuss a specific customer case here, and the troubleshooting of your own subscription should be done over phone when we can access your internet subscription information and check the location, and function of nearby base stations as well. If you want to discuss your case further, or if you want to discuss any possible compensation matters, that decision must be made through the troubleshooting and based on the function of your subscription and the overall situation. So please do not hesitate to contact DNA Customer Care again 044 144 044 if you feel you would like to continue discussing your case.

    Here are the terms and conditions of our 4G subscriptions:

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • And what am I to do with the terms and conditions? Will this document somehow give me the download speeds I am paying for and never getting?

    I am still waiting for DNA to call me and show some responsibility. I got my new service bill yesterday. It still says 29,90e.

  • Hi Michael,

    this is a public online discussion forum and we cannot handle private customer cases here so I kindly ask you to contact DNA Customer care at if you want to discuss your internet subscription or you own invoices. In the email, please provide us with your date of birth or DNA customer number, as well as your home address and contact telephone number. You can also call DNA Customer Care +358 44 144 044.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • DNA 4G super netti...

    Michael Kosmoglou
  • even better speed, Saturday evening.
    300kb/s wifi download speed in 2021. SHAME ON YOU!

    Michael Kosmoglou
  • I'm sure there are many other unhappy customers like us. Does anyone know if we can do something against them? For example, is there some sort of customer right protection here in Finland? I can't imaging paying 30e for such horrible thing in a country like Finland. Robbery!
    Phi Van Ngoc
  • There is, in Helsinki but in the end it is going to cost so much that it is not worth it and thats how ISPs hide behind this "wall" and are able to get away with high prices/terrible service, not only in Finland but also abroad. Unless you are filthy rich there is no way you can "fight" such companies. I have also aproached local newspaper sites but they didn't want to take the case. Hopefully in a month or so I will be moving on to optic fiber finally so I can then "give the finger" to these thieves. I also have a phone contract with DNA which works fine but I am thinking of cancelling that as well.

    Michael Kosmoglou
  • I leave this basic info here, for future customers to know and compare without having to search further about connection speed. By connection speed I mean the speed capacity available to the customer to physically use.

    My WiFi home internet contract is DNA 4G Supernetti with a speed of 150Mbit/s. (this has nothing to do with my phone service)

    150Mbits x 1000000 = 150Mbps (1 MB is 1000000 bytes or 1000 Kilobytes). Now you take this connection speed and divide the number 150 by 8 (8 bytes) so:

    150 / 8 = 18,75 MB per second data transfer rate or download speed. This is the speed I should be getting based on my contract and the price of 29,90e

    Understandably there is ISP throttling, packet loss, signal strength, crowded cell towers, device technology and other obstacles so no one actually gets the speed they pay for. What I would like to know is if I have 300Kbps - 1,9Mbps as shown in the Steam download page, where is the rest of the speed? Where is the rest 16,85 Mbps download speed? And why is my router reporting approx 300 kbps download speed and over 14Mbps upload? How is such difference even possible?

    Note 1: I used the Steam download page as reference because there you can actually see second by second your total download speed in any type of connection. Using speed test webpages is not always accurate (depends on ISP service, server response and distance etc) and the only actual way to see true speed is to download/upload a 100MB file from/to a FTP server (FTP Client <--> FTP Server).

    Note 2: In order to stream (receive data) 1080p at 60 frames per second (higher frame rate means smoother motion) over wifi, you will need a minimum of 1MB per second good quality connection which in my case doesn't leave much speed for anything else. For me to download a large file (like a video game) and while waiting watch a streaming service, I need to choose one or the other. I cannot do both even if I set the stream broadcast to 480p (not even 720p, 30-60fps).

    Michael Kosmoglou
  • Today I also received multiple calls from DNA customer care. I would like to thank them for reaching out and also for the employee's patience in communicating with me in English but also for the connection problems I face.
    Michael Kosmoglou
  • My internet connection today 18.8.21. Maybe because its raining...

    Of course a new monthly bill came... 29,90 euro.

    Michael Kosmoglou
  • My Internet was 10 mbps, then i decided to upgrade and the new internet had 20 mbps speed, but lately my and my families internet has been considerably slowing down, now my internet is 1.5 - 3 mbps...
    How does my internet get divided by ten?!
  • Once my phone bill had 40€ extra fees added for no reason, and here i was thinking "Service providers are good in Europe, i'm glad i dont live in The US" In addition to slowing down my internet by 90% makes me sick.
  • I used to be a loyal customer of DNA few years back but not any more. I think the Finnish culture is that people normally don't complain even if the situation is clearly bad. That's why there is still such horrible service from DNA.
    Phi Van Ngoc
  • @Ziu
    assuming that your download speed was approx 20Mbps then you have a similar WiFi contract with mine of 150Mbits (maybe a bit more) but now as you reported you don't get more than 3. It a similar case like mine, overcrowded cell tower, terrible infrastructure in your area and DNA not planning to do anything what so ever. Either keep paying them for a service you don't get anymore or try to find another service provider or if you can move to optic fiber. I have had to wait for 4 years in this piece of s*** building I live in but finally I will be getting basic optic fiber soon enough.

    Michael Kosmoglou
  • @Phi Van Ngoc
    In my opinion, it is not a matter of culture. We cannot judge a culture based on simply internet problems. The problem now is that DNA has been promising "gold" and selling "mud" to clients in small towns and villages. After what I have been through as well as many of my friends and colleagues here in Uki, I have no choice but to assume other small areas have the same problems like I do. In bigger rural areas, WiFi signals are much, much better simply because thats where the money is, the businesses, the potential clients. Non rural areas are always at the bottom of any ISP's list, its just how it is. It is a "take it or leave" kinda deal between the ISP and the client and because here in Finland, business competition is free, DNA does not care if you move to another ISP. It changes nothing absolutely. You, me, noone is a valued client but just a client. Besides, 5G network is not fully functional like the old 3G and the 4G is flimsy at best. We still have years of development ahead of us, especially for the 5G.
    Michael Kosmoglou
  • Very unreliable! Had a full outage today and yesterday every midnight! Both home and mobile service! Called support and was told it’s a network maintenance! Not having connection for the whole night is unacceptable! Ping and latency on average is 100ms! Cell phone service doesn’t work most of the time lately - drops connection all the time bc of high latency and connection time out! Speed test shows ok by takes few seconds to load. And this is for the city of Helsinki! Even my Comcast service not a single time had a full outage for so long! This is the worst service I’ve ever seen!
    This lawsuit is on behalf of customers and investors of DNA Oyj (DNA). The lawsuit is alleging that the telecom provider knowingly misrepresented Internet speeds and charged many customers for higher speeds than it actually provided or was capable of providing. Furthermore deceptive service interruptions and failure to assist customers upon contacting the customer representative constitute a gross neglect and a breach of contract. DNA is engaging in deceptive practices and fraud as evident by their awareness of the connectivity issues, due to their monopoly market positioning in the region of Finland. If you’re current customer and/or investor of DNA Oyj and you have suffered losses, lost productivity and wages due to service interruptions and other deceptive practices join the Common Actuon by signing this petition. The lawsuit is seeking to recover the compensation of €10B in total damages on behalf of EU / US stockholders and customers impacted by the gross neglect and deceptive practices set forth by DNA Oyj (Helsinki Stock Exchange). Furthermore the lawsuit is seeking investigation of DNA Oyj for possible market manipulation and defrauding investors by claiming to have infrastructure capacity that doesn’t exist. Furthermore, the request is being made to delist DNA Oyj stock ticker from Helsinki Stock Exchange if allegations proven to be true for fraudulent misrepresentation and lack of transparency.


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