DNA 400Mb

I 'm interested to fixed internet connectivity to home.
Please let me know if this 400Mb subscription is fiber to home?
If yes, what does this mean in practice? What will be delivered at home? An ethernet cable? How is the cable routed outside the house 
Please let me know where I could find such details, even it they are in Finnish I can manage.
Thank you,
Adrian Peret


  • Hello! You can check the broadband availability with your address here: https://kauppa4.dna.fi/laajakaista

    After selecting the speed you'll be forwarded to modem selection, and here you'll see if it needs a cable modem or a router to work. Cable modem means the internet (up to 1G) comes through the cable TV socket, and a router would be ethernet (up to 1G). Speeds are the same for both, so there's no difference in that.
    DNA Iiro palveluasiantuntija
  • Hi, thanks for your reply 
    I'm living in a row house with its own postal address, and at my address, there is fixed cable option from DNA as it is displayed there, that is why I asked about the connection.
    If a router is needed, that means the delivery is via an ethernet cable to home, so I can use my existing router that I have TP-Link Archer AX3. (Currently I have a 5G mobile Broadband modem that is in bridge mode and I use my own wifi router for internet)
    Question still remains, how do you deliver that cable? Aerial? Underground?

    Adrian Peret
  • Not sure how the delivery method matters, but it's fibre to the house/block with cable and fibre to the house with ethernet. 4G/5G internet is wireless from the nearest mobile cell tower.
    DNA Iiro palveluasiantuntija
  • It matters to me how cable comes to home from the street or from wherever it is, as now I'm doing renovation of the yard so it would be great to have the cable put underground now when the hole yard is a mess then later once is all done.
    Wireless I am not interested as I have now the 5G version (from different provider) and it is very unstable and super slow on average. Worse than the VDSL that I had before.
    Adrian Peret
  • You should find information on how the connection is done in the houses own documentation, but since it's a row house it's definitely already underground as that's required for our connection in the first place.

    Our documentation for connecting to DNA network can be found in Finnish here. The fibre essentially goes from the house to the border of the land in a 50 mm install pipe.
    DNA Iiro palveluasiantuntija
  • Thank you very much. This helps a lot.
    Have a nice day!
    Adrian Peret

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