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DNA ei käytä turvallista Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) versiota

Cloudfrare on kehittänyt työkalun, jolla voi testata tukeeko oma ISP turvallista BGP versiota. Työkalu löytyy täältä:
Nähtävästi Telia täyttää jo nämä kriteerit.

Mikä on DNA:n suunnitelma toteuttaa tietoturvallinen versio RPKI:n avulla?
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  • Our condominium is in negotiations with DNA to switch the Internet and TV from Telia/Sonera. In the midst of the working from home era, these news are indeed concerning. I will make a recommendations to the board to hold off switch plans until this is resolved.
    I wonder if Elisa can pass the test.
    Alfonzo M
  • Huolissani myös. Olisi kiva jos aspa voisi kysellä tekniseltä puolelta mahdollisista suunnitelmista

  • To relieve the pressure created by the inclusion of Telia Carrier (AS1299) on, I would like to remind everyone that;

    1. Telia Carrier and the network offered to finnish residents by the finnish operator Telia are indeed different networks, and the impact of RPKI on the safety of their customers is difficult to quantify from the information on the aforementioned website alone.

    2. As a whole, true benefit from RPKI can only be had when connections used by customers are protected by RPKI every single hop along the way. You see, practically all connections made by the average consumer traverse many networks and if only one of these networks fails to implement RPKI, the connection remains susceptible to an attack.

    3. BGP related incidents remain relatively uncommon as a whole, even more so here.

    4. The services used by the average consumer are increasingly protected with other technologies, such as HTTPS, which further mitigate the impact of an incident.

    5. I will further speculate that based on point #4 large scale attacks utilizing BGP hijacking are infeasible (for anything else than service disruption).

    Given all this, I hope DNA and other finnish operators start offering RPKI in the future as I see it as a technology with great potential.

    I am however a little disappointed in CloudFlare for creating unnecessary confusion while approaching consumers.
  • Ja sama suomeksi:

    RPKI ei lisää käyttäjän turvallisuutta, koska mitään ongelmaa ei ole.


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