How to restore a subscription?

I have not used my phone number for a few month. Now, apparently, the SIM card is not active. I am abroad now. How do I restore a subscription? I would like to keep the same phone number.
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  • Hi! Are you using DNA Super Prepaid?
    The Service is closed and the contract terminated according to the validity rules below. After the contract is terminated, the subscription is removed from the network and the unused balance, data amount, service package or campaign benefit is not credited to the Customer.
    For DNA Super Prepaid, the contract will terminate 380 days from the latest top-up or, if the Customer has not topped up the subscription since its purchase, after 195 days from the activation of the subscription. During a period of 15 days prior to the termination of the contract, the Service can be used only to call the emergency number, the free-of-charge User Service and DNA Customer Service, but not any other numbers.
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  • Last time I've topped-up my account in january 2019.
  • Can you please contact our customer service via Facebook messenger  so we can check if your number is still active.
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