Huawei B715 - Firmware

I have following device:

The hardware version 

Software version 

Web UI version

I have this device since 1 year. I have never received an update. I wonder if there shouldnt be a newer software version actually?

What is the current version at the moment?

best regards,


  • I`ve got a similar modem/router. The software versions are equal to your`s. Request for update returns an answer "no update available". I think, your box is up to date.
  • The "auto update" option is enabled. When I check manual for updates I get "no update available". I thought - but I am not definitely sure - I have this version since I got the router. So I started wondering about not receiving updates. But it seems I am up to date. Unfortunately I can not derive a software date from the version number - that would make it clear by all means.
  • I have similar settings in my box, which is more than two years old now. I can`t find any update dates either and I have no record on the possible earlier versions. So, I can`t help, sorry!
  • Thank you for the link with the version history! I can confirm my device has the latest version installed.

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