Internet subscription

I would like to get internet from DNA but i can't order from the web, do i have to be a Finnish citizen to get it or is it some setting in my bank that i can´t subscribe to DNA.


  • you can buy prepaid subscription from dna shops in finnish dna kauppa.

    tuomas raatikainen
  • Or R-kioski if you are buying prepaid mobile broadband.

    If you want get static connection, contact to DNA asiakaspalvelu (call, chat or send message) or go to the DNA kauppa.
  • Hello Andero!

    If you want a broadband connection from us, that requires a Finnish social security number, ordering from the web requires a Finnish internet bank account for verification.

    If ordering from the web has issues for some reason, you can give us a call at tel. 044 144 044 and we'll get right on it
    DNA Iiro palveluneuvoja

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