Static IP address

I would like to ask why my home internet service is provided using unusually Static IP address?

Static IP could be useful for companies but for home internet it might make my life on the internet vulnerable and target for hackers. it happened recently that my passwords on Netflix and Instagram were breached.

I have attached a picture that shows my current IP which has not been changed since I applied for the service (almost two years)

I would request to check my internet configuration from the ISP side and change it to dynamic IP.

my address: xxxx


  • Hello Mohamed!

    Keep in mind this is a forum so don't share your private information. Your IP is not static, it is dynamic and it can randomly change. You can try to force this by keeping your modem offline for a longer period or by resetting the modem.

    Your modem is also configured with a firewall so as long as you keep your devices behind router mode and not bridge mode, it will protect your devices.
    DNA Iiro palveluasiantuntija
  • Thanks for the clarification!
    good that you deleted my home address and the IP as well from the message 😃
    I just thought this is a private message to technical support 😀

    I have tried resetting many times by turning off the router for a while and also by doing factory reset but the same IP persist since long( so long)time!

    I would appreciate if you check from DNA side if there is something wrong regarding my connection.

    thank you!
  • Resetting the modem has no effect on the ip address you will get.

    Keeping the modem turned off will eventually help getting another ip address, but this will work only when applied for long enough, at least two or three days.

    Forcing the ip address to change will not improve data security. It may have a slight effect on privacy and tracking, but only when used in conjunction with other privacy measures like deleting cookies, changing screen resolution and uninstalling Adobe Flash player.

    Anyway, if you still wish to have your ip address to change more often, you have to change your modem's MAC address. Check the admin pages of your modem for this.

    Should your modem not have MAC address change feature, buy a wireless router which has MAC address change on its admin pages. Then turn your old modems WiFi off and bridge it. Connect your new router the the old modem and set it up.
  • Yes, the main concern is "Privacy and tracking"
    It's quite peculiar that the IP address for home Internet service remains the same for 21 months!

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