terminate welho account

How can I terminate my welho account?

I ended my welho subscription about ten years ago.
The email account is still active though.

I got an alert about this account through Google (was welho platform transfered to Google mail? (or what?)), probably linked to recent password/login leaks (2018-2019). I can still connect through webmail or POP3, with the old password, but I don't see how to update this password.

How can I change this password?
Or just terminate this account?



  • Hello!

    You can change your Welho Webmail password here (in Finnish): https://www2.dna.fi/webmail just use the same account and password as in your POP3 settings.

    You probably have registered on Google using the same username and password which is why they notified you. If you want to terminate the webmail, you can call us tel. 044 144 044.
    DNA Iiro palveluneuvoja

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