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Unkown Device connected to my mokkula

When i went to my routers web interface i noticed an device i didnt own in my router
the hostname was invisible so i did some scanning i used nmap on that ip address it had 5 ports open i was confused since the ports were so weird and i would never have those ports open after few minutes i did it again and it had these ports open (135,139,445,554,2869,5357,10243,49161) after that i used to see the device with its mac address it said it was (Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co.,Ltd. ) i never shared my routers password and its changed from the default im pretty sure somebody exploited my router since its 2006-2017 any idea what this kind of device could be?


  • At first if you can change you router main password and check mokkula firmware
    If you can't change password I recomeent new modem, because some old devices can be hacked.

    Tuomas Raatikainen
  • I changed the password and blocked the mac is there an way i could update the firmware since i tried to use the update but it didnt find any
    Also how did it get into my router is there any known exploits or how i could patch them so this doesnt happen again
    I didnt have any default login details in the first place either

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